Sunday, June 14, 2015

Roaming the Red Rocks of the Southwest, Sedona & Arizona

It was a long flight to Phoenix and I was so grateful to be able to land at the home and heart space of such a special sister as L. We do not tend to meet often however, when we do, there is usually an adventure awaiting. Having been present when she was shifting in to her new space a couple years previous, it was timely to return for the preparations of anchoring in the new crystalline grid of her home and sacred working space. 

Needless to say after my two weeks of non-stop sessions I also needed to be still on the earth and share some quality time with sisters and starry desert evenings soaking in the hot tub. That didn't prevent us from weaving in a little lightwork connecting the pyramid of Phoenix with the Giza Pateau ;)

Once rested first stop was Canyon to Chelly, a sacred space for the Anasazi within the boundaries of the Navajo Nation, home of Spider Rock and the mythology of Grandmother Spider. I had often felt like a spider as I wove my way around the earth consciously connecting brothers and sistars of resonant vibrations across countries and continents for co-creation.

Taking time out to rest in the presence and energy of this unique place of pilgrimage was a gift unto itself therefore the blessing I received was a bonus . . . as I sat on the edge of the canyon watching the eagles soar in the thermals above and below it felt as though all of my loose threads were weaving themselves through time and space, back into connection with source.

Sunset in the heart of Red Mountain was a slow dance with silence an opportunity to merge with the earth, a moment in time that I chose to expand as long as I possibly could. With nowhere to go and no one to see I simply rolled out my ground sheet and mattress and climbed into my sleeping bag with so much gratitude to be alone in nature, exposed to the elements and serenaded into the dreamtime with the sounds of the desert dwellers nightly chorus.

Such a world away from the next few days and a very sociable girls weekend in Sedona; wallowing naked in the cool waters of Oak creek, an evening circle supporting sacred sexuality, the opening of Lulu’s Raw Chocolate Alchemy, Saturday Ecstatic Dance with Mixtress Hava, and Sunday afternoon at the Chocolate Tree community space … it felt good to be home in Sedona again :)

The following week my Swedish family arrived and what a pleasure it was to share the magical trails, energy vortexes and sacred sites of Sedona. I have felt very at home in my body wherever I am on the earth for quite some time however there are a few places where my body and being resonate with more then others and Sedona and its inner earth light city just so happens to be one of those. A place on the planet where simply by being on the earth I am nourished energised and recharged. And just as well, as before long I was busy gain with private shamanic soul embodiment and skype sessions.

Time for a night out with Deva Premal and Mitten in concert, I had gone to purchase my ticket online however, as often happens; not having a US credit card is regularly met with complications. V had suggested that I purchased one at the church but when I went it was closed so I figured that I may as well just get one at the gate. On my way V called to say all the cheaper tickets had been sold out, I asked her to please purchase one of the next level available and she said she would just save me a space at the front of the line and make sure there was one for me when I arrived, walking in trust that everything happens for a reason . . .

Anyway when I arrived I couldn’t believe what happened, as I walked up to V another woman was also walking up on my left and as she approached the ticket booth she called out if anyone needed two tickets, V shot up both hands and pointed to me and a man in blue to her left and on that cue we all withdrew to the foyer where we met another woman standing with the two tickets she had been gifted by Deva that she would not use and wished to pass on.

What surprised me more than anything was that V gave the tickets to K and I, I did wonder why she hadn’t either given her ticket to K so that we could sit together or to me so they could however, I continued to trust that the first blind date of my life has just been arranged by divine design and I was gifted a beautiful evening with a very conscious heart centered man at Deva and Mitten’s concert 3 rows from the front . . . gratitude and so very curious …

So much so that K and I decided to invite V to supper the following night to thank her for her magnificent role as an earth angel and to simply hang out for the evening and explore what this extra-ordinary meeting might be about … corresponding themes included, embodiment and evolution, sacred sexuality, consciousness, relationship, presentations and workshops, authorship, self publication, Bali, Cuba, multi-dimensional magick, life on earth and living in Sedona.

I was so grateful for my familiar place on Stardust Lane to rest and work, watch the night skies and receive my partner who had just flown out from Europe for a weeklong introduction to the secrets of Sedona. Although I enjoyed our time together I was aware that when I was alone I actually had more energy and much more magick and syncronciity in my everyday life. There was no good or bad, right or wrong I simply seemed to maintain a higher frequency of energy when I was alone on my own body and bubble than when I shared this intimate space, a truth I realised that I could not ignore for much longer.

Whilst in Sedona I also had the opportunity to experience some very unique and specific healing modalities for the first time. This included the work of Nina Joy Rizzo and her teacher who incorporated; Ortho-Bionomy, Craniosacral Therapy and Visceral manipulation in a joint two on one session, wow, what a gift to myself :)

And thanks to M’s ongoing research into the polyvagal theory, and its connection to the freeze response of the reptilian brain, we also had the opportunity to meet and experience a private session with Dr David Bercelli the founder of TRE, Trauma Release Exercises.

David had spent many years working with refugees in war zones and through observation had realised, that after the shock of war, children would often shake uncontrollably for a period of time, a perfectly natural response of the human body, after which they would resume life as usual. In the very same situation adult would often shut down and if anything disassociate from their bodies and remain in a semi state of shock.

From observing this David developed a series of exercises to activate the body into a natural tremor response. I was amazed and delighted to experience a release from this journey, after so many physical and energetic sessions during the past few years I had just discovered a new technique that literally worked from the inside out. And an invaluable key to disengaging the majority of the worlds population from their sympathetic nervous system into a deep space of relaxation and expansion.

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