Saturday, July 31, 2010

Cairns Introductory Workshop

Kay true to her word followed up on her offer to organise time, space and interested participants to host a 1 Day introductory workshop in Cairns and all I had to do was provide the flyer, show up, be present and share my story and what workshops I could offer whilst I was in town . . .


Opening Meditation
Leanne’s Story & the Earthwalk Project
Intro to Shamanic Energy Medicine
Introduction to the Munay-Ki
Introduction to The Five Tibetan Rites (T5T)
Participatory Shamanic Journey

. . . and with only 10 days notice to the network of Healing Touch practitioners and the few people I had connected with since arriving in Carins I was pleasantly surprised to discover that 9 women felt that it would be a worthy way in which to spend their Saturday. Thus there we were 10 women sitting in circle at the Siloam Centre on Saturday 10th July at 10.00 am. As she was familiar with the centre Kay kindly took care of all the house-keeping messages however when she suggested that lunch would be at 12 noon I couldn’t help but feel the panic in body. . .

I suddenly realised that I had been living without the restrictions of linear time for so long that having to conform to something as simple as a set meal time was scary! One thing I had learned along my way is that if we want more magic in our life we first have to believe in magic and secondly we have to allow space for that magic to happen . . . which for some reason seemed suddenly more important while we were working in sacred space! Coincidently I have found this a wonderful way to walk in the world as it makes every day an adventure where I have to be very present to make sure that I don’t miss any of the surprises or ‘chance’ meetings my journey has to offer . . .

And so my story began . . . although for some reason the way it came out in this telling was rather unusual as I spent more time sharing my very 3D life prior to stepping out of Africa, my conservation work and a very special 20 year relationship in order to answer some bizarre calling that all I knew was somehow involved with serving people and planet on a greater scale . . . little did I know then that they were my first steps of the journey which has now become the EARTHWALK Project!

Anyway back to Cairns . . . I have no idea how long we had been going however when I got to the part in my story where I explained having had received, almost a year ago, an energetic transmission of what I understood to be the coordinates of 13 Ancient Sacred Sites on the Earth that required reactivation, Lia bolted from her chair stared me straight in the eyes and began channelling her ‘Sounds of Sirius’. This was the most incredible combination of toning and light language, that some refer to as the language of the heart, as well a visit from Hopi and the Aboriginal Ancestors who came with their blessings for the Earthwalk Project . . .

Lia Scallon had been introduced to me by Kevin, my Atlantean past life connection. When I mentioned that Earthwalk was somehow connected to the original Crystal Skulls Kevin suggested that I should get in touch with Lia whilst I was in Cairns, which of course not to be one to miss an opportunity to knock on the door of someone ‘I should meet’, I did just that. Lia and I had been in touch by email and had planned to meet on the following Monday evening for supper anyway due to her interest in Alberto’s work she had felt called to come to my introductory w/shop in the meantime and I was very pleased that she did!

Through Lia and courtesy of the Hopi and the Aboriginal that were present the energy that descended upon us was incredible. It was as though the energy of Earthwalk was being grounded in Australia and we were simply there to hold the space for that to happen. It was certainly enough of a remarkable experience that it instantly united every woman present and it suddenly felt as though there were no further words required, the energy of Earthwalk had simply spoken for itself! And on that note it was after 1 pm and a very good time to break for lunch!

Although I felt that the afternoon introducing the Munay-Ki and The Five Tibetan Exercise Rites (T5T) seemed a little pale in comparison to our earlier impromptu ceremony there was still a surprising amount of interest. I instantly had enough people to facilitate a T5T w/shop and enough considering the Munay-Ki to look at facilitating one of those also . . . I did begin to wonder where those two months I had reserved to build the Earthwalk project website and correlate my book were disappearing to yet also realised that it was just as important for me to share what I could offer to those who were interested along my way. And, come to think of it, that is precisely what the Earthwalk butterfly had shown me to prepare myself for back in January on the mountain overlooking Spirits Bay in the Far north of New Zealand.

Cairns Introductory Workshop; our Circle of 10
Back Left to Right; Kay, Merrilyn, Shauna, Annette, Lia
Front; Jenny, Coral
Missing; Cathy, Debs & Me . . .

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Finding my Feet in the Land of Oz

After a 7 am flight out of Auckland followed by a 4 hour layover in Brisbane I felt like I had crash landed by the time I reached Cairns . . . a little similar to the situation I found myself in on the floor of Toby’s apartment almost a year ago just after my Advanced Divination and Advanced Soul and Destiny Retrieval Classes with The Fourwinds in Utah. After the mystery and magic, and some may go as far as to suggest ‘madness’, of my last month in New Zealand I desperately needed a quite space to rest, write and integrate the energetic changes I had exposed myself to.

As usual Robert and Leanne were wonderful hosts albeit for only 36 hours before I delivered them to the airport for their 3 month journey round-the-world which is destined to take them to; America, UK, Europe and Africa. I thankfully managed to retain the majority of the information Robert guided me through regarding house, garden and pool maintenance, reminders that clothes were not necessary in the pool but I had to wear a crash helmet when riding the bike and a seatbelt when driving the car. And on that note my crash course of life as a house-sitter in the western world was founded, the rest I figured would come through experience . . . which reminds me I must make myself a little sign to hang in the window of Leanne’s little Red Alpha Romeo to let everyone know that ‘I am only the house-sitter’!

I must say I continue to learn each day as I navigate my way through everyday life in 3D reality familiarising myself with; the lawn mower, the weed eater and the creepy crawly which prefers to reside in the deep end of the swimming pool only venturing into the shallows under duress! Relocating an ant colony that felt winter was a good time to move their breeding colony indoors amongst the chopsticks instead of remaining in the rainforest where they belong. Contending with tradesmen that would rather tell stories than the truth and cheeky neighbours who I caught sneaking their excess wine bottles into my recycle bin rather than depositing them in their own???

Otherwise my first month has been very much spent in hibernation and it has taken me that long to rest my travel weary body, record the last month of my NZ Earthwalk and integrate the energetic changes into my physical being. This has meant making sure I have had a healthy diet, gentle, regular exercise, 8 hours sleep each night and a little help from a good body worker and Kay McVean, the head of Cairns Healing Touch Practitioners and the first person I ever experienced a spiritual healing with, who kindly excavated a little more Atlantean debris out of my energy body. And, I must say I am pleased with the result, I have my health and fitness back again, have enrolled in Argentine Tango classes with Elaina de Electrah of to entertain myself and am as ready as ever for whatever my next few months in Australia may bring.

I have also been very fortunate to be able to share some time with friends and family as I will always consider Ian’s brother, Andrew, his wife Federica and their children Tess and Luke. And on the odd occasion where I have felt like being a little more social I have ventured out to the TaNKs Art Centre for; The International Day of the African Child, Beyond Philosophy Photographic Exhibition by Nanna Soderstrom which provided an interesting view through the illusion into a multi-dimensional world without boundaries, Contemporary Jazz with Steve Clisby and the Mind, Body and Soul Market Day. And with the Jazz festival in full swing I am quite looking forward to supporting Fat Freddy’s Drop, a Soul/Dub/Reggae Band from NZ that is due to play at the end of this month.

I did have a rather interestng experience shortly after arriving which happened late one evening as I was lying on the couch listening to some music. From out of nowhere I felt a sharp pain in my heart similar to what I felt when I was accidently hit by a stray missile at the Dalai Lama's teaching in Auckland last December. I immediately lay down and did what I could with my breath while I called out for as much etheric help as I could muster. Eventually the pain subsided and I managed a fitfull night of sleep.

Coincidently just the day before as I was attaching an etheric weaver to my Metatron Mat I accidently pulled the chain off. Now I thought nothing of this at the time but two things brought it back to my attention. The first one was an email from Ian who was missing his girlfriend and feeling a little lost and lonely. He mentioned that he had spent a bit of time one evening thinking of me and then of Rachel his new partner, then the next evening it was mainly about Rachel. Now as Matthew had been with me during the event in Auckland without giving him any details I asked him if he would mind tracking what may have caused my pain. He came back telling me that it was as though someone or something had been disconnected from my heart like the link of a chain, that there was nothing to be concerned about and that it was just a closure. Coincidently my Etheric Weaver is an indigo blue colour and known for its properties in healing relationships . . . I just felt to share that as I find it an interesting example of how energy links through time and space . . .

Meanwhile back to the story . . . my days usually begin at dawn with my morning wake-up call provided by the laughter of the Kookaburra colony that frequents the rainforest behind Barron View Drive. My morning Yoga on the deck has a fantastic view over the Freshwater cane fields that extend all the way out to the Coral Sea with my only interruptions being to wave to the newspaper man or the neighbours departing for work. Then it is time for breaky and general maintenance before I settle in for my day of writing and study which currently includes titles such as; Earth Memory, Sacred Sites – Doorways into Earth Mysteries by Paul Devereux and Aboriginal Fables which I found second hand at Rusty’s, the local market where I purchase my fresh supplies each weekend. The majority of my evenings are spent walking on the land to connect with the Earth, clear the day’s accumulation of E-smog and observe what is going on in the world outside while putting the sun to bed and watching the colours in the sky change from day to night.

It was during one of my early evening wanderings through the cane fields, which I must say are in full flower and absolutely beautiful at this time of year, that I was struck with the realisation that I had to own this little Earthwalk Project of mine. This is something I thought I had done yet, due to the emotional response that accompanied this realisation, I obviously hadn’t! Although I have been led to the understanding that this wee Earthwalk may affect the lives of many people I now realise that I have to be the anchor at the centre to hold the space for this part of this episode of the Divine Plan to unfold. And, it doesn’t look as though there is going to be anyone there to hold my hand, or not yet anyway, so I may as well get on with manifesting my project while I enjoy my solitude for just a little while longer.

On that note I figured that our Winter solstice would perhaps be a good time to email Toby and ask him if he could commune with his drum and see what the universe was ready to reveal regarding the details of my ‘Australian Walkabout’. And while he did that I decided to take myself for a bit of a hike up the Cairns Pyramid to listen for what this red earth had to say to me if anything. As it turned out my journey was remarkably quiet however perhaps this was to compensate for what Toby came back with;

Ok dear

It is Time For you to be seen! I Am quite sure there is a group of Aboriginal tribes people who are interested in caretaking the prime vortex which will be a medicine wheel the size of a soccer field. Large stones will fill the center point and each cardinal direction. Minivan size crystal cluster in the center crystals radiating out In all directions. North volkwagon size black stone. West yellow stone same size. South Red and east blue. Then I saw a labyrinth built within the large stones and along the pathway several shrines. The crystals dropped in the water are no longer enough for what is happening. I saw other wheels set up around the world. They will be vortexes That people will visit to honour the earth and gathering places for large ‘Burning Man’ like events. I have no idea how these large stones will be transported of even obtained but the energy in the vision was amazing. I will be drumming at one or more of these events!

When asked for a logo I saw a Planet with the stones and a labyrinth. Then it hit me, Earthwalk!

Chew on this for a while and let me know if it fits with anything else

Big hug

May we all be peacemakers! Celebrating our similarities so intently that we have no time to fight about our differences.

W. Tobias Christensen
Phone 435.655.1145

Well it sounds as though the Great Red Land of Oz has a few surprises in store for me yet and meanwhile it looks as though my month of hibernation is well and truly over! Kay has asked me to present an introductory workshop to the Healing Touch Practitioners of Cairns this coming Saturday to introduce; myself, the Earthwalk Project and Shamanism with a view of running future T5T and Munay-Ki workshops while I am here. To fulfil requests I am offering private sessions 2 days per week, I have a website to build for the Earthwalk Project and last but by no means least that elusive book to correlate and edit! Speaking of which as this may be my final group email, I can hear the sighs of relief from here, I figure that now would probably be a very good time to ask for some constructive criticism.

Most of you have been exposed to my ramblings for at least the past seven years, if not longer, which I anticipate will form the foundation of my first book. Therefore to celebrate the end of congestion created in your inbox by gypsyfreespirit I would greatly appreciate any feedback you have to offer as to what you feel the general audience that my journey may appeal to might like included/excluded from the story. Please feel free to comment on the imperfections of my writing ability as well as my limited grasp of the English language and equally uneducated use of grammar and punctuation. Do you think these things matter when telling my story? And just as important are those parts you found interesting (if any) as well as those chapters that otherwise bored you to tears . . . and please be honest, my livelihood may depend on it!

This is also a very important moment in time to thank you, my fellow friends, family and Earthkeepers from all over the globe, for not only being part of my life but also for the amazing support you have provided me during my personal journey of ‘Healing into Wholeness’ which although still ‘a-work-in-progress’ has hopefully better prepared me to fulfil my soul’s purpose of serving people and planet. If it wasn’t for the presence of all of you in my life and your ability to open your homes and your hearts and take the time to share an occasional shoulder to cry on or email of support I don’t know if I would have made it so far so fast and remained, although some may beg to differ, with the majority of my faculties intact!

And you will be pleased to learn that until such time as the ‘Earthwalk Project’ website gets up and running I promise to leave you in Peace . . .

Sending Loads of Love, Light, and Laughter from Northern Queensland,
Earthwalker x