Thursday, October 28, 2010

Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria

It is almost a year since I first met Raeline, a meeting that was completely orchestrated by divine guidance/universal law which took place at the base of the Sphinx on New Soul’s Day, 1st Nov, 2009. I was on my way back to UK from Yemen and Socotra where I had been sprinkling a little stardust through the Middle East whilst leading expeditions for Wildfrontiers. Meanwhile Raeline and her partner were en route to Indonesia having just completed a huge amount of Earthwork in the US, UK and Europe.

Coincidently Carol, a mutual friend and fellow Earthkeeper/Lightworker, had mentioned to me on a number of occasions that I worked in a similar way to Raeline and, just prior to travelling to Yemen, she had been quite insistent that we really needed to meet one another. I guess the universe must have heard the call and consequently made the necessary arrangements for us to connect and share whatever physical and energetic information we needed to while choosing a worthy location to befit the occasion!

This particular meeting in Hervey Bay to assist Raeline with Activating the first Birthing Gate of the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria seemed to be another of those predetermined engagements where our universal secretaries had collaborated in arranging the time and place of our next meeting. As we drove away from the pier I noticed two crows flying overhead both carrying twigs in their beaks which reminded me of an incident at the last stop on my o/night bus journey to Hervey Bay where a crow had come down and brushed across the top of my head. And, as I wondered about the importance of the crows, I was again reminded of the one that was seen in the fire at one of the new moon fire ceremonies I held in Eastern Bay of Plenty during my visit to New Zealand last summer.

Perhaps it is time I did a little research on the crow women . . .

I had many questions for Raeline, questions that probably rated about Grade 1 in her school of universal cosmology. Thus I very much appreciated her patience and the time that she took to explain certain concepts of how our earth related to other planets in our solar system, our galaxy, our universe and other universes beyond ours. I guess after a week on the water with the whales I was not as grounded as I may have liked to have been and as a result it required a lot more concentration than normal to absorb all this new information relating to our multi-dimensional reality.

My 2010 Hervey Bay whale journey may have come to and end yet despite the fact I was completely exhausted I was excited about the energetic one that was about to commence. Raeline had kept me up-to-date with the information relating to the Starry Whale Palaces as she had channelled it however I had not had a chance to read the summary that she completed just before we went to sea hence there was a lot of new information about the birthing gates and their connections to different places on our planet and different star systems that was new to me that I very much wanted to understand.

Mick and Lynne Kindly invited us to stay and it was probably just as well they were out on Saturday evening as Whales, Dolphins and Whale Dreaming pre-dominated our conversation. We may not have been the best of company but certainly enjoyed each other’s space while we made our way through two viewings of Whaledreamers in between cooking, eating and catching up. It was the first time Rae had sat through the entire film and as a result much more came to light for her. From the connection to the Wedge Tail Eagle, the white feather, one of which Raeline had found on her path that morning and passed on to Bunna when she met him, to Uluru, home of the Rainbow Serpent and the heart of the Lemurian Grand Cross and the Whale Song Grid pieces of the puzzle were coming together.

Once more while we were sharing information in the space we had created the energy began to rise and we were able to receive further information and insights into the greater journey . . . one was that the Whaledreamers film came before its time and now is the time for it to be relaunched and another was that Julian Lennon may at some stage come back into the picture either with the Whaledreamers, the Earthwalk Project or both.

I somehow managed to get the event of Activating the East Birthing gate of the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria loaded onto facebook before stepping into the luxury of the first warm shower I had had since I left. And, as I took my time washing a week of salt water out of my hair and off my body I felt completely full and content and couldn’t help but wonder what magic my next few weeks had in store for me. Utterly exhausted I collapsed into my bed and disappeared into the Dreamtime the moment my head touched my pillow.

My dawn alarm remained synchronised with the sunrise albeit a slightly greyer and damper morning than we had enjoyed for the past week. It made we want to lay in bed for a while however the prospect of our ceremony provided enough excitement to raise myself from my mattress on the floor and prepare a space to stretch and gather myself back into my body after my night time journey through the ethers.

Raeline had done our recognisance work on Saturday morning successfully locating the site where ‘the head and the tail of the whale could sing at once’ which was where the sweet waters met the salt at the mouth of Eli Creek. We made our way there for 10 am only to be greeted with a very high morning tide . . . shoes off and skirts raised we waded through the mangrove filled waterways to find our island at the confluence in perfect time for ceremony . . .

Opening space we popped the whale stones we had received from Bunna into a glass bowl with the rain water we had brought from Mick & Lynne’s farm. This formed the base of the essence Raeline had been guided to prepare with the vibration of each of the five sites that required activation. We then proceeded to chant the prayer she had been given in light language, an ancient language of the heart;


And as each of us spoke what we felt called to share we noticed that there was a fish eagle watching over us from its perch on a dead tree in the mangroves, then just before closing space we were joined by a fisherman and his son checking their crab pots. Perhaps there was some need for a little masculine energy to balance our feminine . . . and with our ceremony complete the raindrops started. It was time for me to return to camp and Raeline to prepare herself for an afternoon on Hervey Bay with the Whales who true to their reputation put on another amazing performance for their visitors!

We shared a fun, family evening with Mick, Lynne and Aaron, sipping wine, eating fresh fish and listening to music. I couldn’t help but wonder what was happening on the other dimensions as our ceremony filtered through the many layers of the cosmos but it only made me appreciate being human all the more as we enjoyed a celebration of the senses provided by life on earth in a physical body.

I woke early next morning which gave me some time to share old stories and news of mutual friends from our overlanding days with Mick. The interesting thing was that when Mick spoke of plans for supper I had a feeling that we would not be there to share so suggested that I first check with Raeline. And just as it happened Raeline woke with the same feeling . . . we would be moving on down to Coolum to accept Shelley’s invitation to come visit a day early . . . why we were not sure but felt to go with the flow and trust all would be revealed.

And as it happened as we approached Coolum be could both feel the presence of a very dense energy. To me it felt as though there was a upper layer of heavy dark energy but beneath was a beautiful fine and light vibration that was waiting to burst through. To Raeline she could feel some ET interference with an underground light city that needed clearing. Whatever it was we figured that that was perhaps part of the reason we had both felt called to come south a day early. And the other part was revealed soon after we arrived when Shelley informed us that Annie, of Annie Wright Productions, from the whale journey was also coming to visit.

Coincidently Annie shared a number of mutual friends with Raeline and both of them felt called to do what they could in assisting Bunna to find his feet and his financial independence so that he could continue to share his gifts as a Songman of the Whale Dreaming. As a result our afternoon soon turned to evening and we co-created a feast fit for Goddesses that was served on a table Shelley had only just bought and assembled. An extraordinary gathering of like-minded individuals that had again been orchestrated at some other level and all we had to do was show up, make the connection and stay awake to how the story would unfold.

Raeline was flying back to Melbourne the following morning and as Annie was driving back down to Byron Bay on the Gold Coast I asked if she would mind dropping me off at my sister’s home in Brisbane. I had considered stopping by friends on the Sunshine Coast but while I could get a lift door to door it just felt right to go and spend some time with my little Monique, her husband and my niece and nephew. It was time to be with my family and time to rest.

Morning arrived and every bone and muscle in my body was aching. I knew I needed time to rest and integrate the past 10 days but I still couldn’t understand why I was so sore until Rae explained that it is often a side effect when we activate our Mu/Mer body (light body). This made complete sense while also reminding me of the additional information I was given when I received the energetic transmission containing the 13 sites of the Earthwalk Project; that as the sites on the Earth are activated they would also be activated within my own physical and energetic body. As you can imagine I was delighted to discover a sack of Epsom salts in Shelley’s bathroom and with her permission put a cup full in the bath and took a long leisurely soak while she and Annie finished their editing.

My journey through to Brisbane was an interesting one as I listened to Annie’s life story that stretched all the way from touring with ABBA in Australia to John Denver in the US. She had enjoyed a very close relationship with John and has hopes to organise a tribute concert to him in both Australia and Colorado a year from now. And if that is not enough to keep her occupied she is currently very busy editing the footage of Bunna from our Whale Journey to submit to Oprah Winfrey for her Australian tour scheduled for December this year.

My little sis was a star sending us directions by sms and guiding us in to her space at Wellington Point when we took a wrong turn. Travelling through Brisbane without a map may not have been a good idea but contingency plan worked. She was downstairs to meet us on arrival, I unloaded while Annie had a pee stop, Nique printed out directions for Annie to her next destination and handed over a care package full of driving snacks and she was on her way. And for the first time in two weeks I felt like I had landed . . .

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Whale Dreaming

I was fortunate to have gained my sea legs at a very young age. My mother still tells stories of her second daughter who at age 1 1/2 used to crawl down the beach and into the ocean before being hauled out and back up the beach coughing and spluttering only to repeat the performance all over again. In addition my father was always very proud of me as I was the only one in the family who did not get seasick. It may have been the fear of disappointing him that helped me find harmony on and in the water or perhaps I have been a whale in a former lifetime. Either way being brought up in the Bay of Islands the ocean has always played a very important part in my world and continues to provide a space that I tend to gravitate toward whenever an opportunity arises and/or whenever I am in need of nurturing.

As a result I did not hesitate to apply for the position of assistant cook on Arpana and Shamanatara’s 2010 Whale Journey to Hervey Bay. I had met Arpana through email when following the trail of the Whale Dreamers that had connected me with Bunna and Harry whilst I was in Cairns and they were passing through on their way back to Byron after the Garma Festival in Arnhem Land. Coincidently both Harry and Bunna, in the short time we shared, suggested that Arpana may be looking for another assistant cook for their October Whale Trip. And, not being one to miss out on an opportunity to share time and space with like-minded people on and in the ocean with my favourite cetaceans for company, I emailed Arpana as soon as I returned home.

A few weeks later having successfully completed the selection requirements which included phone interviews with Shamanatara, Arpana’s current wife, Moana, his ex-wife and Norma Mou their head chef my application was approved. Thus on the last day of September after a 24 hour bus journey from Cairns and an o/night visit with long time friends Mick, Lynn and their son Aaron I showed up with bag and swag in hand and reported for duty at the Urangan Harbour Pier in Hervey Bay. It was 4pm on Saturday afternoon I had no expectations of the journey ahead and nowhere else on earth I would rather be which enabled me to be absolutely present for whatever my week had in store!

Welcome to Hervey Bay the resting spot for many of Antarctica’s Humpback Whales during their winter migration to and from the warmer waters of the Pacific Ocean . . .

Arpana, his son Raj and Raj’s friend Arial were the first to arrive, two catamarans; Vallela and Cattitude, were allocated and supplies and sound equipment for 20 people for 7 days at sea began to be offloaded . . . arriving passengers, crew, and the stowing of provisions continued for the next few hours interspersed with a buffet dinner of homemade pumpkin soup and BBQ chicken aboard Cattitude. It was a busy evening yet also exciting meeting the 19 people I would be travelling with for the coming week. It reminded me of the many pre-departure meetings I had facilitated for overland journeys only instead of a formal meeting and p/work there were loads of self-introductions, hugs all round and an impromptu jam session that lasted into the wee hours. I remember slipping into my swag, which I had unrolled across the trampoline on Vallela’s foredeck, to the sound of guitar, African drums and Chinta’s Hung, a beautiful instrument originating from Switzerland. And, as I slowly drifted off into dreamtime under a sky full of southern stars I felt like one of the luckiest people on earth.

Waking to the sound of seagulls at dawn I looked at my clock for what was to be the last time for the next 6 days at sea . . . so long as I woke at sunrise I figured that there would always be time to do my yoga and meditation before preparing breakfast for our team aboard Vallela. Somehow I had landed myself on the muso’s boat and what a pleasure to have live music morning, noon and night . . . Bhajan’s for Breakfast, Lounge Music for Lunch and Jamming with the Whales each afternoon and evening . . . Whalesong, music, healing, ceremony and dance was the theme of the dream and we all shared the joy of spontaneity in co-creating our wonderland with the whales on the water and beneath the waves for a whole week!

Motoring out of Urangan Harbour we set sail north and it was not long before we encountered our first whale and calf. I had seen whales at sea and from land on several occasions yet not too dissimilar from elephant sittings in Africa it is very difficult not to be touched by the power, beauty and perfection of being in such close proximity of some of the largest mammals on earth. As my heart continued to expand my breathing became more difficult and the only way I could express the joy I felt was through song, not that I am any singer but the need to create sound outweighed any embarrassment I may have felt for singing out of tune.

What amazed me is that we never once had an organised ‘family meeting’, ‘circle’ or ‘formal discussion time’ to lay out any rules and regulations on board Vallela, everyone simply went with their flow/the flow and it worked. At times we visited Cattitude and at times their crew visited us which on one particular occasion was of great benefit to me when ZaKaiRan (, Cattitude’s skipper, came over and offered me a healing session to assist me with addressing my ongoing alignment and integration issues. He had his own unique style of working with energy and sound that I was not familiar with and whatever it was it worked in reaching and releasing the emotion that was still being held somewhere in the depths of my being. It left me feeling absolutely exhausted yet also very soft and gentle, I felt like curling up in a warm bed in the sun and that is exactly what I did until I heard the call of breeching whales!

It seems as though every time I work with someone I manage to retrieve an extra piece of my puzzle, this one in particular being from a life time on some other planet in our solar system. Each session tends to leave me more relaxed and expanded yet also somewhat disorientated; the depth of which I am learning is a good gauge as to the degree of each shift. This, combined with my inability to engage my mind as I progressively come closer and closer to aligning with my heart, seems to be a reliable indicator of relative progress . . . or that is according to my reality at the present time which, for those of you who have been sharing this journey with me have probably also realised, continues to expand and evolve ;-).

We soon slipped in to a daily routine which for me meant rising with the sun. On one particular morning this came with a call from two dolphins passing by and by the time I got out of my swag to see them on their way a whale and her baby passed within a meter of the bow directly beneath where I was standing . I enjoyed the still of the morning and the space on deck to do my ablutions and yoga while everyone else was still sleeping, the timing was to perfection and I could not have orchestrated the flow better if I had attempted to choreograph it myself. Going with the flow worked so well that by the time I had finished my meditation Norma Mou, my naturally naked and very beautiful cooking partner, would emerge and we would prepare breakfast for our family.

Once our work was done we were free to explore the ocean and/or Fraser Island which meant endless white sand beaches and crystal clear water beneath the warm southern sun. There was time to swim with the turtles and on one very special occasion I shared a magical moment of stillness in time and space within very close proximity of a whale and her calf, a moment in time that I will not forget so long as I live.

I did not really realise how busy I had kept myself in Carins until I slowed down long enough to smell the flowers which in this environment meant beachcombing, creating sand sculptures, spending time with women and bathing in the sweet waters of the island springs. Not to forget time to listening to Bunna’s stories of this ancient land and its indigenous earthkeepers that I still feel I know very little about. Our crew would generally gravitate back toward the boat around midday so that we could prepare lunch and set sail in search of whales which were never too far away as we headed in the general direction of our next evening anchorage.

On day two we met another colourful character by the name of Richie, a very gentle and humble elderly man who has spent the better part of the last 10 yrs following guidance from the Arcturian Star System to establish a grid across the length and breadth of Australia. Richie had spent a lot of time over the years on Fraser Island and as a result was the ideal candidate to lead two of the three ceremonies that took place during the course of our whale journey. Whilst Richie was up the mountain performing his first ceremony Bunna began the second one which held the vibration on the beach below. There was no prior organisation and the ceremonial space simply evolved with people coming as and when they were called and contributing to the altar and the energy in whatever way or form they felt.

Some of our best Whalesong was in the stillness of the evening which simply provided another excuse for a jam session. Kim would lower the microphone into the water and broadcast the live Whalesong over Vallela’s sound system and the boys would simply pick up the beat on the didge, the Djembe and guitar. Those who could sing led the way while the rest of us joined in for the chorus as we danced on any spare patch of deck space that could be found. And whenever I needed a break I would curl up in the mainsail cover and get gently rocked in my cradle by the ocean waves as I watched for shooting stars in the sky above. While the rest of Australia was experiencing heavy rainfall and flooding we were living like Gods and Goddesses in our magic bubble of daily sunshine and crystal clear night skies filled and overflowing with stars.

After four days in the north end of Fraser Island we made our way back to Watumba Creek to return Richie to his home base aboard his catamaran Earth Spirit and share our final ceremony. Most of those participating were called ashore in the early morning however as I had cook duties I did not feel as though I could join them as I would have liked to. This inconvenience however was soon overcome as we received a radio message of last call for ceremony just as my work was done. Slipping on my bikini and sunblock I jumped in the tender with Shelley and motored over to Cattitude to collect Annie before we headed for shore. The women were on the beach to welcome us and Bunna was waiting to paint our faces. It was time to share sacred space one last time before we headed further south for our last night at sea.

During the ceremony Richie passed on to Bunna an amethyst crystal for him to take to the land of his ancestors on the Great Australian Bite. I wondered then how related Richie’s work and Raeline’s guidance to Activate the Birthing Gates of the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria was to my Earthwalk Project. . . I guess only time will tell the connection and for now it is best I stay out of my head and accept that it is as it is and all seem as though they are pieces of a puzzle corresponding to some greater Divine Plan!

With our ceremony complete it was time to offer prayers and give thanks before closing sacred space. Richie invited Shelley and I back to his special space on Earth Spirit which reminded me very much of my visit to Sakina Blue Star in Sedona, Arizona only Richie’s museum was not only living but also floating. I enjoyed a long swim back to Vallela in time to raise anchor and hoist the sail as we headed out to sea to what turned out to be our most spectacular performance of whale behaviour for the entire journey.

It was early afternoon and Norma and I were doing our gig in the galley when we heard the call of whales breeching and that was simply the beginning of what turned into a 2 hour performance of breeching, tail slapping and rolling by four whales either directly in front or immediately between our two boats. Needless to say it took a long time to prepare lunch that day and the best thing was that nobody cared as there was more important music to be made.

That evening we received our first shower of rain and although I still managed my last night on deck by morning the wind had picked up and it was time to batten down the hatches and surf the waves back on the Urangan harbour on winds gusting up to 30 knots! Norma kindly made time to share her gifts of healing on the journey home and I was able to experience the benefits of another new yet perhaps very old technique working through the perineum and conception vessel. I felt an incredible opening especially through my lower chakras which made me want to feel what it was like to be a sail so I climbed up on to the top deck and flew the last leg back to Hervey Bay. And what a magnificent way it was in which to end our week of Whale Dreaming.

Raeline was at the harbour to meet us and I was able to introduce her to most of the Whaledreamers team in between sorting, packing and cleaning. My body felt as though it was still walking on water and my energy body was so expanded that I felt as though I wanted a week of silence and solitude so that I could integrate all that had happened over the past week. Now however was not the time, as it was 10.10.10 in 12 hours time and Raeline and I had too much we wanted to share before we joined in ceremony to open the first Birthing Gate of the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria . . .

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Emersion in the Elements

Connecting with Global Fire Vigil from Great Barrier Reef

Debra and I had planned on venturing up to the Cooktown area to visit a few more Sacred Sites of Kuku Yalangi. The elements however had other plans as the Rainforest had been living up to its reputation and after a week of torrential rain, combined with only having a 2WD vehicle, limited our access to a few of the more remote sites that were highlighted on our intended map. Coincidently and without any prior communication we were both called in the direction of the Reef and as a result when Deb phoned to invite me out for a day on the Great Barrier, one of the wonders of our world, I did not hesitate to accept!

Our day began down at the pier as we boarded the Reef Magic Catamaran along with +/- 120 other local and foreign tourists and a multi-national and multi-lingual crew. Reef cruises had come a long way since my last trip out a few years back; there was a full safety briefing not too dissimilar from that of an aircraft and we had on hand dive masters, marine biologists, an attentive crew and a genuine Ozzie captain with a reasonable sense of humour. Once more, during the 90 minute journey both to and from the reef, there was a crew member on hand ready gloved and armed with ice, sick bags and compassionate smile to attend to any passengers who might find themselves in conflict with our precious element of water.

Since a couple of tourists went missing, albeit under questionable circumstances, during a trip to the reef a couple years previous all tour operators were obliged to facilitate a head count prior to departing the pier and the reef so that no one was left behind. It was during the count prior to our departure from the reef that the captain excelled himself with the comment “if you are feeling pressure on the soles of your feet it is because you are still standing on them when you should be sitting down for the count”! It reminded me of Roddy Smith’s Betty Kaunda joke form Zambia.

On Deb’s recommendation we opted out of scuba diving for the simple reason that there was little more to be seen in the depths that could not easily be viewed from the surface with mask, snorkel, a good pair of lungs and reliable set of fins. And as I recalled the same from my previous trip we chose to spend our day between the water and sundeck where form either vantage point we could easily observe the antics of “Wally” the infamous and very sociable Napoleon (Maori) Wrasse. It was the first time I had ever heard the term ‘Maori Wrasse’ even though it was quite understandable when studying the intricacy of the moko (facial tattoo) that Wally wore.

We enjoyed our time exploring the sights and sounds of one of our earth’s most colourful and beautiful eco-systems, that was until the whistle was blown and we were called back within the boundaries of the ‘snorkelling zone’. As we returned to the boat we were greeted by Wally an incredibly large, very beautiful and extremely curious Napoleon Wrasse. He actually swam up to us when we first arrived and we could see his eye carefully inspecting each one of us as we gently stroked him. Wally is a very playful character that clearly enjoys interacting with anyone who ventures into the near vicinity of his underwater world.

Deb also shared a very special story of the last time she came out to the reef with her friend Jo . . . They had been snorkelling for quite some time, long enough for the two of them to have ventured beyond the main snorkelling zone and for Jo to be feeling the cold. Deb took Jo by the hand and suggested they head back only the wind had come up and it was not easy to decipher the direction of the Marine World Pontoon. From out of the nowhere came one of the wrasse who circled them before proceeding to lead the way back to the boat. Once Jo’s hand was on the bottom rung of the ladder it turned to them in acknowledgement then disappeared back off into the blue from where it had come . . . what a beautiful example of how we are able to communicate with our natural world.

On our way back to the pontoon and coincidently with no prior arrangement I saw Deb conducting an underwater Oneness Blessing for the Reef at exactly the same time that I was connecting with Wake and Kinlen Wheeler’s Global Fire Vigil. For more information on Global Fire Vigil please visit;

We enjoyed an afternoon snorkel tour to the outer reef and a lazy afternoon watching the world go by as we motored back to Cairns. It was an opportunity to reflect on my 3 months and 3 weeks I had been residing in Carins. I have really appreciated being still for a while and becoming part of another community. In addition to my Argentine Tango lessons twice weekly I have also enjoyed participating and assisting when asked with Deb and Amanda’s Meditation and Oneness Blessing Group and to observe it evolve and grow. Consequently I was also very aware how easy it was for me to slip into my comfort zone. I had since received a couple more invitations to house-sit and if I hadn’t been invited to fulfil the position of assistant chef on Dr Didge’s Whale Research Journey in Hervey Bay on the 2nd October I may have been tempted to stay.

I may not have got around to editing my book to present to a publisher but I know that will happen in good time and could quite easily make it my project for the festive season if I am not called or tempted to venture elsewhere on our earth. I am however very pleased that the Earthwalk Project website is finally due to due to go live and I have managed to navigate my way into the 21st century of social communications with a little help from my first project donation of an iPhone and a lot of experimentation !@#$%^! In addition through the Munay-Ki and T5T workshops I have taught has come much learning, growth and trust in my own ability to share my knowledge and experience with others in a way that can be easily understood.

And what better way to end a wonderful day than sharing it with friends both new and old. It was a pleasure to prepare a seafood feast for Robert, Leanne and Debra to thank them for the privilege of house-sitting their special space and for simply being part of my life. And it was just as special to be woken by the Kookaburra’s at dawn the following morning to be called out onto the veranda where I observed a beautiful little spider weaving a new web. It made me realise that with the Munay-Ki gathering I had arranged for the coming evening I was busy in a similar way joining the dots with strands of light that linked like-minded people together.

Erica, Robert and Leanne’s cleaning lady, kindly loaned me her car for my last couple weeks in Cairns which was a great help even though my hope to purchase it fell through at the last minute. Coincidently this left me too little time to look elsewhere before I had to leave for Hervey Bay, perhaps the universe has other plans and my hope to return to Sedona to attend my Tantra Teacher Training and Drunvalo’s Advanced Earth/Sky Living in the Heart Workshop in November may still be on the cards. But that too is only one of the many possibilities of what the future may hold and right now I am very much pleased to be living very much in the present moment.

After all what more could one want than a 24 hour bus journey to Harvey Bay accompanied by Shirley MacLaine’s, ‘El Camino’? This is the homework I was given from a recent healing session with Celia Fuller where I explored, excavated and repaired a little more of my ‘Atlantean Experiment’ past life debris that is causing my current physical left/right integration/alignment issues. And if that doesn’t shed a little more light on my past and thus my future than I am sure a whole week on the water with the whales in Hervey Bay will certainly bring the elements and everything else back to balance!