Friday, August 28, 2015

Big Island, Hawaii

It was 2 yrs since my first meeting with Pele and Big Island and I was grateful to have more time this trip, an opportunity to connect with the land and the people and drop in with the Pahoa Community.

It was lovely to surprise my partner coming in from San Francisco by connecting through Maui on my way from Kauai, I love surprises and very rarely experience them, probably because of my sensitivity to subtle energies I often see them coming before they happen, as a side effect it gives me pleasure to experience responses by creating surprises for others J

Our hostess on Big Island was H, who over a period of 3 yrs had turned her little life-style block into an abundant tropical garden and homestay. Such a warm welcome not only by H but also Pele who was threating to cross the road and disconnect the residents of Pahoa from the main access route south. I find it fascinating how a potential natural disaster can so quickly bring community together.

Soon after we arrived we offered a public talk to introduce ourselves and our work, to those who resonated and felt a calling to explore; embodiment & evolution through shamanic energy medicine and sacred sexuality . . . In a society that has been programed that sex is a sin and we are separate from God it is time for a revolution! What better way to keep the collective disconnected from their bodies and the earth, out of their power and easily manipulated than by inciting so much shame, fear and guilt around sexuality, which is in fact our life force energy.

To me liberating our sexuality in a healthy, natural and organic way is a vital piece to any individual on that journey home to self. So many spiritual seekers, and I was certainly no exception, are all about love and light, pure heart, enlightened mind however often, as also the case with me, I became an incredible visionary for both myself and others with no ability to manifest or anchor the visions and dreams in physical reality. Poverty consciousness ruled supreme until I took the time to clear the blockages in my own lower chakras, free my creativity and surrender to being embodied, in this body on this earth, and volia my ability to manifest was reclaimed instantly!

I enjoyed living on the land, offering private sessions and exploring the island on my days off. This included a morning visit to Uncle Robert’s market, I didn’t understand why I was more excited than usual about going to the market and then just when I was going to get a juice I bumped in to my brilliant little brother B. I had met B on my first visit to Big Island 2 yrs earlier, he had left soon after and although we had been in touch a couple times through email we really hadn’t much idea what each other was up to. As you can imagine it was a beautiful moment of synchronicity that he literally flew back to Big Island on the same day I did to begin construction of his new energy device;

Sunday’s were also a favourite . . . Sunday morning ecstatic dance at Kalani, a picnic lunch on Kehena black sand beach and then afternoon and sunset community gathering on the lawn on the red road  :)

It was on Big Island that I was invited to hold a one-day workshop for women, perhaps more a sister’s circle of supporting each other into our self-sourcing sovereignty. One day in sacred space making up for those Rites of Passage that we didn’t experience that have kept us disempowered and in co-dependent relationships for far too many centuries. I hadn’t held a space for ‘women only’ for quite a few years and I had forgotten how beautiful and empowering it was for us to gather in sacred space . . . I have a feeling that this was a taster for what lay ahead . . .

Meanwhile it was such a pleasure to explore Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, so much so that I had to make two trips. The exquisitely powerful and untameable, wild energy of nature, the raw feminine in her full expression of the fire element . . . I bow in love, honour and respect and in so doing can feel her strength and natural beauty within and pervading the limited human body in all it perfection and imperfection . . . gratitude for life.

Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Aloha Kauai

I will always remember the first morning I woke on Kauai, I actually felt as though I was back in Aotearoa in the far north of New Zealand, the land where I was born and grew up, so familiar was the vibration . . .

The journey to Sedona and Hawaii had been guided and all I knew was that I had to spend some time at the Hindu Monastery and connect with the whales. Friends that I would normally stay with were unavailable or out of the country so I expanded my search to those who I didn’t know so well yet knew they had a connection with our cetacean family.  As you can imagine it made me laugh out loud when I discovered that I had organised myself a room to rent with J & A right next door to the Hindu Monastery on Kaholalele, Whale Altar Road :) 

 J & A are both very gifted musicians and it was a pleasure to share their home and heart space while I followed my path and resonant field to some extra-ordinary meetings with some beautiful souls, sacred sites and natural sound scapes. Meeting with M, a very gifted and connected Sistar was an absolute pleasure. Not only did she have an amazing Earthwalk of her own to share, she kindly helped me better understand the nature of the island and its multi-dimensional role in relation to our earth’s evolution . . . why I had been called to Kauai was beginning to reveal itself.

Only a few days later we were invited to go sailing, only J & A could not make it so I was given Capt. C’s phone number and directions to Hanalei Wharf and was sent on my way. As it turned out J was not the only male invited that could not make it so we ended up with 2 men on board to fulfil roles of captain and 1st mate and a crew of seven beautiful Seastars, most of which had never met each other before. It was incredible to be on the ocean and reminded me of how much I love being on and in the water and how little time I had made for such nourishment in the last few years . . . note to self, time for change!

Little did I know that this was the day of my whale meeting, although I had been looking out for whales and dolphins it took me by surprise that our meeting was of the energetic variety. We had been sailing out of Hanalei all the way to the north and soon after going about I found myself perched up on the aft seat singing the whale songlines of the north and the south and somehow weaving them together . . . my body and being were in ecstasy and I was home :)