Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Te Huihuinga Hakui - Gathering of the Grandmothers of Pacifica

Sharing of Breath
Artist: Karma Barnes, Sharing of Breath, www.karmabarnes.com

I first heard about Te Huihuinga Hakui - Gathering of Grandmothers of Pacifica a few months ago. It came with a mental reminder that just before my departure from New Zealand I had been invited by Annie B to the Gathering of the Grandmothers of Waitaha, “those who walk the path of peace”, that was scheduled to be held at Te Moata on the Coromandel Peninsula in early October.

With prior commitments to land of the Whale Dreaming I knew I would not be able make the October gathering however when I returned to mainland Australia after the Island Vibe Festival on North Stradbroke and there were two emails from Emirates carrying suggestions that I should use rather than lose my frequent flyer points, I realised I had a choice to make. And, as luck would have it there was space on a flight from Melbourne to Auckland the day after I was due to return from our earthwork at the Bight. Not being one to miss an opportunity I figured that I may as well show up, and that is exactly what I did!

The interesting thing was that for the first time in nearly three years I didn’t feel called to be in any other particular place on our planet. Therefore, feeling as tired and travel weary as I was, the prospect of following the sun back to my homeland for the summer warmed my heart while coming with the added bonus that I could be back in Aotearoa in time to join Te Huihuinga Hakui - Gathering of Grandmothers of Pacifica.

So, after a weekend catching up with Fi, Alyshia, Daniel, and most importantly myself, Monday morning arrived and I managed to hitch a lift to the Powhiri for the Grandmothers that was being held on the marae at the Manakau Institute of Technology. And, just as it happened, it was the best homecoming I could have possibly asked for. The first person I met was Shafia from the Sharda Centre and as we came to take off our shoes I realised that I had placed mine right next to those belonging to Puawai and Aroha Jen, two wonderful star sisters I connected with last visit. Then when we were invited to greet our visitors I also found Zan and Tai who I had met during our Journey to Jerusalem and Maikara who had joined us for the whale work on the Hokianga Harbour during my last journey home.

It was such a warm and heartfelt homecoming which combined with my current state of exhaustion and disorientation from the last 3 weeks of earthwork left me on the verge of tears for most of the day’s proceedings. Nevertheless in between catching up with old and familiar faces while being introduced new ones I also enjoyed an opportunity to chat with a few of our visiting grandmothers and grandfathers from Hawaii which included a gentleman by the name of Jessie who just so happened to be a good friend of Sarvajnah, one of the women from Byron that I met on the Whale Journey . . .

It felt as though pieces of my Earthwalk jigsaw puzzle were coming together, dots on the divine web were connecting through time and space and my trip home was beginning to feel as though it would be one of consolidation. I was tired and in desperate need of some good bodywork to help me integrate the shifts and changes the last three weeks had brought. Once more I could think of nowhere else that I would rather be than on the earth at the Ancient Whale Temple site which my friends Peter and Maree are the current custodians of in Waimate North. However to get there I first had to make an overnight trip down to Ohiwa to my sister’s space so that I could once again borrow my Dad’s trusty little 4wd.

This was a journey that I had done my best to avoid but, as there was no one else who was able to drive it up for me, I figured that it would provide a means to an end and signed up for another 8 hour road trip. It gave me some special time catching up with my big sis while also raising my curiosity as to any other possible reasons why I might have to make the journey in person.

The following morning I shared breaky with Dad and after packing what I needed I felt to stop by the Kokiri in Whakatane as it was Wednesday, the day of the weekly healing circle provided for the community and a perfect opportunity to have a quick catch up with everyone, let them know I would be back in time to hold a fire ceremony on the full moon at the end of December and check in with Koru to see if he could shed any light on what the purpose of this little trip might be.

Only Koru wasn’t there and instead a very tall young man was drawn into my space rather like a lost little magnet that had suddenly made a connection, a curious meeting that I am sure I will learn more about when he comes to our full moon fire circle. Heading back toward Auckland I figured that my hunch, that there may have been another purpose for my road trip, must have been unfounded until just outside of Matamata also known as ‘Hobbiton’ or Middle Earth after the filming of the Lord of the Rings series, Dad’s little car overheated. A situation that did little to entertain my sense of humour when I had a 3 pm afternoon appointment for some bodywork back in Auckland with Susan, one of the Hawaiian Grandmothers! Wondering what it was all about I figured that I couldn’t go far until it cooled down so decided the best thing to do was to find a shady tree and enjoy my salad.

Meanwhile Annie the owner of the house where I had landed came home and loaned me her phone to call around town in order to find a reliable mechanic to take a look at the possible damage. By my third phone call I found a mechanic who was available in a workshop on the north side of town and within limping distance of my current location. And, as one does I handed over my keys and accepted an invitation to take a seat in the waiting room while I waited to hear the outcome. Only instead of being offered tea my crown chakra opened up and down came a transmission of high vibrational energy that I can only assume was ear-marked for middle earth, which of course made perfect sense when the mechanic returned ½ an hour later to advise me that there was absolutely nothing wrong with my vehicle. The return pipe had simply fallen off into the reservoir and thus the engine had overheated. I made a vow to do what I could to improve my communications with those directing this little Earthwalk!

I had had to cancel my afternoon appointment with Susan so figured that I would try my luck tracking down Shafia to see if she could give me an afternoon shiatsu session at Sharda. I had not heard back by the time I reached the turnoff to Tuakau but felt to show up anyway. Although Shafia was out and about, what I hadn’t realised was that most of the visiting Grandmothers were staying at Sharda and thus the kitchen was a hive of activity with supper preparations and after an offer of tea I was recruited to assist with the creations. A perfect opportunity to catch up with Aroha Jen and share time and space with some like-minded ladies from near and far. That was until about 9 pm when my eyes started to close and the need for sleep overrode any possibility to stay and share the kiwifruit crumble I had prepared for dessert.

Day three of the Gathering dawned clear and bright and I did not have far to travel from Mangere Bridge to the Blockhouse Bay Boat club, a brilliant venue built over the water only 15 mins away from Fi’s. Grandmother’s business was the theme of the day and we enjoyed listening to a number of wise woman share their lives and a few of the highs and lows from from their journeys that had brought them to this circle to share with us their practical experiences of; Preserving Cultural Heritage, Healing Generational Trauma, Caretaking of the Youth, Safeguarding Traditional Medicine, Honouring of the Elders, Inspiring the Young with the Ancient Wisdom Teachings, Preserving the ways of Prayer and Dreaming the Future. And what a wonderful day it was with the icing on the cake being the discovery that Annie B and some wonderful women of Waitaha had chosen to join us .

Annie B & her Waitaha sister

It met Wai Turoa-Morgan who I had contacted a year previously offering to share her Earth Medicine www.earthmedicine.wai-shaman.com during my Earthwalk journey. Also a Kuia (Maori female elder) by the name of Pauline who had appeared with Bunna in the Australian film Whaledreamers where she attended a Gathering for the Whale dreaming at the Great Australian Bight. What was also very interesting was that the Grandmothers from Hawaii had just come from a Sundance with a group of Australian Aboriginals just to the east of where we were doing our earthwork at the exact same time as we were in the area.

Pouawai and Aroha Jen invited me to join them on an overnight excursion with a few of the visiting grandmothers and grandfathers to Te Miringa Te Kakara, Temple of the Fourwinds in Benneydale however although I wanted to go I knew it was time to honour my physical body, slow down and allow it some nourishing time to rest and integrate. I knew also that there would be time to visit Te Miringa in the weeks to come.

On the last morning of the gathering the Tokotoko (ceremonial carved walking and talking stick) was passed around each person in the gathering so that everyone had an opportunity to share what they felt they were able to bring to circle of Grandmothers of Aotearoa that was about to be formed. And once this was completed all those who felt called to stand in the circle were asked to step forward. And then and there as I sat cross legged on the floor minding my own business in eastern corner of the room a little voice which I now recognise as my higher self, that wise aspect of ourselves that can usually only get a word in edgeways when our ego is on holiday and our mind at rest, tuned in and suggested that it didn’t call me back here for nothing and that I wouldd have to walk the last few meters to the centre circle! Oh how I do love these last minute instructions that take me completely by surprise so as not to allow my mind any time to make up reasons and excuses about why I can’t . . . .

And so at age 42, have neither been married nor with child, I began my initiation as one of the Grandmothers of Aotearoa . . . the energy that descended into our circle filled my heart to bursting and it was with great relief that I was soon able to pass it on to all those present who were filing pass to share hongi. A hongi is a traditional Maori greeting of pressing noses, touching foreheads and sharing breath, which I had only ever experienced on one other island on our Earth, and that is Socotra. Socotra is an island belonging to Yemen, off the coast of Somalia, in the Sea of Aden where three tectonic plates meet and where I understand recent evidence has been uncovered that points to this place on our planet as the space from which three ancient civilisations emerged from.

I did my best to honour each individual and in the process received many both humbling and overwhelming acknowledgments. The first of these actually came at the Powhiri when a young seer hugged me and acknowledged me as one of the Ancients, three of the visiting grandmothers voiced that they knew I was one, Annie B with her simple words ‘I see you’ triggered a fountain of tears, another recognised my vibration that I could identify from a Mayan past life and one said that it didn’t happen with anyone else but when she came into my field she could see many, many people gathering . . .

Since arriving back in New Zealand to attend the grandmothers gathering I had had over a dozen people ask me if they knew me from somewhere, had seen me on TV or if I had written a book and while my mind was trying to makes some sense of it more often than not all I could answer was that there is no past, no present, no future, all is one. Part of me found understanding with my minds theory that the veils were thinning and the Earthwalk Project was coming closer to manifestation while the other part was wondering if it was simply due to the changes in my vibratory field that people were somehow more able to connect with themselves when I shared the same energetic space with them.

Our last afternoon was shared in circle with the Grandmothers of Aotearoa discussing how best we could communicate, implement our roles and share our knowledge. Meanwhile those who were not yet called to stand joined our visiting Grandmothers in workshops for honouring the Ancestors and Creating the Future through Storytelling, Weaving, Dancing, Drumming, Prophecy, Caretaking the Young, Creating Ceremony for Papatuanuku (Mother Earth), Teachings of the Ancestors; the Medicine Wheel, the Three Baskets of Knowledge, the Wisdom of Plant People, The Stone People and the Spirit Worlds.

And the best was at afternoon tea time when I sat in the sun with Kereru and one of the other Kuia as they spoke of dragons and little one-eyed beings full of love that assist them with their earthwork. We shared stories of star gates and star beings acknowledging them as our star sisters and brothers who are really no different from ourselves except that they have not chosen this time to be in physical form.

Kereru Ponamu

That evening we gathered with the world drum www.theworlddrum.com as our special guest for a Drum Circle and Medicine Wheel ceremony to honour the Grandmothers and the Prophecies. And what better way to end the day than by drumming and dancing together to raise the vibration of peace, balance, harmony and joy for Papatuanuku and all our relations. I thank Deborah Lowen, her team of angels, and all of the men and women who came together sharing their gifts and resources to make this beautiful gathering possible. What an honour and a privilege it had been to share space with so many wise and wonderful women and men.

I could have stayed on in Auckland and joined Fi for a girl’s night out at the Rocky Horror Picture show but it was time to honour my physical body. It needed rest and nourishment and what better way than heading north to share some time and space with my Mama while I downloaded the extraordinary experiences of the last 6 weeks. After which it was time to make my way up to the Bay of Islands and walk barefoot on the earth at the Ancient Whale Temple in the Land of Lemuria! It wanted to swim in the pacific ocean, share some fresh seafood and wonderful kiwi wine and catch up with my New Zealand Rainbow family.

Friday, November 26, 2010

Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria at the Head of the Great Australian Bight

We gave ourselves five days to make the journey to the Head of the Bight, be present for the earthwork we had been called to attend and return to Melbourne to resume what some may refer to as ‘normal’ life. Raeline had a friend’s birthday to celebrate on Friday evening, Keiran had organised a business dinner and I had a flight booked to New Zealand early Saturday morning so that I could attend the Gathering of the Grandmothers of Pacifica. We had hoped Bunna might choose to join us as felt the journey we were undertaking to the Bight carried healing potential for he, his ancestors and the land of the Mirning people however it was not to be as he had more pressing men’s business that required his attention.

The prospect of driving another 3,600 kms did little to excite my sense of humour however as I was not the primary driver I was very content to make myself a comfy nest across the back seat of Keiran’s twin cab and read, something I had not allowed myself time for since arriving in Australia in June. Making the most of the opportunity I explored Fractal Time and Gregg Braden’s ‘Time Code Calculator’ followed by a very easy to read introduction to Plato, the man responsible for bringing our attention to platonic solids, portholes to our multi-dimensional reality. Both books seeming rather appropriate and in support of our journey to the southernmost point of the Blue Diamond Grid to reactivate another Birthing Gate to the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria. Which reminds me, I must make time whilst I am in New Zealand to watch the Stargate series for a little more understanding of the purpose of this particular type of earthwork. What do they say? Isn’t it sow up, be present and trust that the understanding will come eventually!

Meanwhile it was important to be present as the most exciting things about undertaking journeys such as this is that the learning comes through the journeying. From the moment we came together with a combined purpose we were able to start picking up little details of information as to the bigger picture of the journey at hand. And what is interesting, although not always particularly comfortable, is to observe the effects on our physical bodies. For Raeline this meant pee stops every hour during the course of the morning on the first day of our journey. And for both of us we felt pressure and a drawing down through our womb. It was the first journey of its kind Keiran had been on since beginning his own spiritual search and his newness brought a lightness of being to our trip as we helped him to remember himself.

Speaking of our trio, according to Raeline the reason we were three was to help bring the old energy out of duality. I guess another way to look at that may be to bring the energetics of the holy trinity back into alignment. Oh yes, there is that wonderful word again ‘alignment’ and we all know that I am certainly need of some of that! Could I take the first portion directly into my right hip please???

And then came the energetics of practical matters; Keiran had provided our vehicle so Raeline and I agreed to share the fuel costs, we would all cover our own food and Raeline and Keiran would find suitable accommodation each night where I could roll out my trusty swag under the stars. I have to admit that one thing I do love is sleeping close to the earth especially when doing any high vibrational earth work as it helps keep me grounded. And what I have begun to observe is the more of this type of earthwork that I do, thus the more I need to extend myself out into the universe, the deeper I feel need to be my own heart and stronger my connection to the heart centre of our planet.

On day two we ended up taking an unexpected detour that landed us at the eastern most tip of the Bight, a perfect opportunity for a pee stop. I took a moment to tune in and was given a vision of a feminine cross while Raeline came back to the car with a story of being welcomed back to a space that she had not visited for a very long time. As the mystery and magic unfolded I wondered what it would have been like if we had been able to take a little more time to cross the southerly section of our world’s largest island and smallest continent as there were quite a few special spaces along the way that had to be filed under points of interest for next journey whenever that may be.

I made the most of our fuel and food stops to stretch and walk as although I was enjoying being the reclining Buddha on the back seat my body was getting a little restless by the end of our second day on the road. However, by the morning of day three tired bodies had been revived by excitement. Raeline had channelled a load of information relating to the site which we needed to prepare that afternoon and this included teaching us a whole lot of stuff that she had never taught before. And, as I have an insatiable appetite for learning new techniques and tools of the trade, I gathered myself together and making myself comfortable on the floor ensured I was absolutely present and open to receive.

Now the story was an interesting one as although it involved two aboriginal brothers the essence of it was very connected to the Egyptian mythological story of Isis, Osiris and his brother Seth, the light and the dark, duality and our underworld or unconscious mind. Raeline explained the situation as an Atlantean curse that had been placed on the land at the Head of the Bight to protect it during the period of darkness on planet earth that we have come to the end of. Prior to activating the birthing gate it was necessary for us to assist with removing the curse/protection mechanism and that is what we would do that afternoon. But first we had to do some journey work to visit a star in the Orion system where the records of every soul incarnate on earth are kept. We had to locate our own switch board so that we could quite literally turn the rest of ourselves on.

The other meditation Raeline guided us through was to connect us with each individual vibration of seven levels of our etheric body. We held hands for this one so that Raeline would be able to more easily sense when we had achieved each level. Another was to tune in with each other at the level of power, love and wisdom as in order to work together we first had to find harmony and balance within ourselves and between each other and what better place to do this work than right at the Head of the Bight itself. The sky was blue, the sun shining over head and there was a warm and gentle breeze blowing as the light danced off the tips of the southern ocean waves far beneath uswhere the Rainbow Serpent connected to the Whale Dreaming.

Housework complete it was time to find ourselves some lunch and a space at the Nullarbor (no trees) Roadhouse. Keiran negotiated a great deal on a family room and I succumbed to sharing a night indoors with my current family so that we could more easily dream together. And an afternoon siesta provided the perfect opportunity for just that! And I was even more pleased to learn that during her nap Raeline had been called to visit the nearby caves I had seen in my morning meditation.

10 kms due north of the Nullarbor Roadhouse there is a series of caves that have been utilised by the aboriginal people for eons and we spent the afternoon exploring two of the three that are accessible. Keiran was like a boy scout out on a new adventure, Raeline was busy chatting with the ancestors and I ended up being given a hip bone and two halves of a shell which I soon realised made a whole which of course was just what I needed so placed them together with a prayer in the most likely space for an altar. All in all it was a fun and interesting afternoon on and in the earth.

Morning dawned clear and bright but by the time we set off for the Head of the Bight we could see the clouds beginning to gather. We arrived at our preferred platform at 15 minutes before 11.00 am on 11.11.2010 and begun our work. Taking our places Raeline led us in ceremony and we chanted our Whale Prayer while she captured the second vibration that would, once all the work with the starry whale palaces be complete, be available to all as a quintessence.


And while we were doing our work at the Bight we were aware of at least 4 other individuals in Australia, a few in New Zealand, one in Bali and another group in the Netherlands who were connecting with us along with the many thousands who were honouring the earth in their own way during this opportune portal in time that connected with the 11.11 vibration. Blessed Be! Our earth is evolving and every other being who is walking this earth consciously or unconsciously is coming too! It is such an exciting time to be here on this planet of choice in a physical body  Yeah!!!

Here is a note from Mirte's ceremony in Netherlands;
11-11between 10.30 – 11.00 I did a ceremony with clients. The ‘purpose’ of the ceremony was to open the lemurian whale palaces (in support of what you had been doing). The crystal asked to be there (only two days with me at that moment). It was special. At a certain moment a lot of energy came into the room and only second(s) later something had been opened.. I don’t know what it was (consciously at least until now).

And as we wrapped things up, Horus flew out of what we understood to be the actual birthing gate, we were surrounded by dragon flies having not seen one the previous day and as we retreated to the car park we watched the black storm clouds roll in from the west. And sure enough they followed us all the way back to Melbourne bringing cleansing and rebirth to a parched land.

I joked that now all we needed were the oysters and champagne to celebrate and talk about “ask and you shall receive” Keiran found us a hotel at 8 pm that evening that had a room for three and a promise of both. Only once we had checked in the manager discovered much to his horror that he was not only out of Champagne but also oysters. Keiran our knight in shining armour dashed out into the darkness in search of champas while the manager brought us a thousand apologies and a bottle of NZ white wine. David and Rick a couple of visitors to town we ended up sharing a booth with looked on in bewilderment and asked if we were celebrities or something? To which Raeline yes, which of course only added to their confusion.

As it happened it turned out to be quite a synchronistic meeting that enabled us to share an enjoyable and interesting evening with two men who built houses out of rammed earth. Both were light beings only one was more aware than the other. And, as was pointed out to me the following morning, I should have been more aware of my energetic presence as the one that was not so aware had completely misinterpreted my energy which he responded to from his lower chakras. Not entirely oblivious to the situation what was brought to my attention was that I could not pretend it wasn’t there, a pattern of behaviour I realised I had practiced throughout my entire adult life when interacting with men who were attracted to me. Nor should I be accomplice to what Raeline referred to as sensual sex as either way I was misusing my own power by accepting that from another.

And so the morning teaching came with a warning of being conscious of our own energetic presence at all times especially when doing earthwork as it activates our kundalini energy and again it is our responsibility to manage this. This opened up a perfect opportunity to share experiences and answer as best we could many of Keiran’s questions he had regarding experiences or the changes within himself that he had encountered during the course of his journey to date.

And having discussed the serious stuff the air was cleared and the long haul home was made lighter with a few old hits from the 80’s including a childhood favourite that Keiran had just added to his collection “The sound track of Saturday Night Fever” which of course we all knew the words to and sung them out loud and clear!

Landing back in Melbourne we ended up unpacking all my stuff at the wrong address before I even realised it wasn’t Jane and Allardes’s house. I burst out laughing apologised profusely to the lady whose house it was, who looked as though she was about to invite us in for tea anyway, and made our way a couple blocks down to the correct address. I could feel I had gone through another major shift but it wasn’t until that happened that I realised the degree of my disorientation. I needed to go home to New Zealand and be very still on the earth for a while!

With a 12 hour stopover in Melbourne which was just long enough for me to unpack, repack and catch a few hours sleep before Jane delivered me to International departures for a delayed Emirates flight to New Zealand. Although I hadn’t travelled great distances geographically this year with all the experiences I had enjoyed I felt as though it had been away for eons which made it even more exciting to know that I was coming home again . . . back to New Zealand and deeper into who I AM!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the Road in the Land of OZ

To go with the flow I was experiencing meant I was only able to spend a couple of nights with my little sister and her family in Brisbane before I was on the road again. Exactly the sort of visit family have no hesitation in pointing out, is more like a transit stop than a visit! I felt as though I was living in a different world than my sis and her family yet at the same time knew it was my responsibility to bridge that gap. I was exhausted, I did not feel that I had the time to take my sis on the 2 1/2 year journey that has brought me into my reality = my current understanding of life and the universe, and felt no desire or reason to make any excuses. I had simply not lived up to expectations and therefore felt all I could do was offer my apologies and promise that next visit I will make the time to ‘do’ less and ‘be’ more, to share some special sister time with Nique and play time with Taleah and Ryan my niece and nephew.

On a brighter note we did part on better terms having shared the morning together which included a visit to Nique’s favourite spiritual shop before she dropped me at Apollo Rentals. Here among the chaos of Melbourne Cup Day I collected my chariot, a white Toyota Camray, that was to carry me from Brisbane down the east coast and across the south side of the country to Melbourne. We pulled out of the depot together and played tag along the Gateway highway until Nique took her exit to Wellington Point at which moment I burst into tears and, as one does in times of crisis, I took a moment to question my chosen path . . . reminding myself the importance of taking responsibility for my choices and responsibility to find a balance in my life while remembering to take rest along the way do as not to exhaust myself like I have!

My first stop was Grail Haven on Tambourine Mountain, a destination that had been on my map since my last communication with Annie B before I departed New Zealand in early June. I had emailed Gerry and Richard the water keepers of Grail Haven in hope that they might be home and I could stop by for a visit. Although I had not received a response I figured I would call in anyway and just knock on their door only no one was home except their beautiful dog. It was lunchtime so I figured that their garden would be the perfect spot to have my salad while I waited for them to return, only no one came. As I was not sure of the purpose of my visit I thought best to check with upstairs and in so doing ended up bringing down a load more high vibrational energy which must have been especially ear marked for Grail Haven.

Grail Haven Gardens & Well

Next stop was Crystal Inspirations, the crystal shop at Eagle Heights. Shamanatara, who I had hoped would join my journey to Tambourine mountain, had been unable to come but had suggested I stop by and say hello to her friend Annie who practices Transference Healing from Crystal Inspirations. Transference Healing, as channelled by Alexis Cartwright, is “A seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is multi-dimensional, works with the light body, creates alchemy and is achieving profound results!” www.TRANSFERENCEHEALING.com

Annie was busy with a client so her friend suggested that I take a seat and draw one of the Animal Magic; Earth, Mythical & Elemental Ascension Cards which I duly did and out came Spider – Lightworker . . . always good to have a little reassurance that I am still on track. I then closed my eyes figuring a moment of meditation might not go astray to recharge my batteries in preparation for my drive to Byron only as soon as I was still down came another waterfall of light energy for Crystal Inspirations. Only this time I was not surprised as I had remembered what it was like dancing our way along the whale trail that took us through the Waipoua Forest and down the east coast of Northland downloading light energy in Far North New Zealand earlier in the year.

Driving south it was interesting to see the Gold Coast in daylight . . . lots of colour and chaos with all of the casinos, theme parks and shopping centres stretched down the coastline. It made me very grateful that I had a space to land back at Dolphins Downunder in Byron that evening. Wollumbin (Mt Warning) did suggest that I should consider a detour but this time I chose to say no, not now, he will have to wait until next trip. A little self preservation was called for and I could still make it to Byron in time for the sound healing session at the Lotus Temple and be home before dark with plenty of time for a swim, a session with the vibe and a hot tub before climbing into my magical space in the corner of the garden for a good night’s sleep.

Next day was a long 9 hr drive down to Sydney which surprisingly, I quite enjoyed. It provided me ample opportunity to reflect on the past year and feel out the year to come. Although I was 2/3rds of the way through a very busy 6 week period I knew that after the site activation at the Head of the Bight and the Gathering of the Grandmothers in Pacifica in Auckland, I didn’t feel any urgency to be anywhere in particular. Thus inspired by Zakairan to facilitate a spiritual journey I amused myself designing an itinerary for ‘Infinite New Zealand’ a two week sacred journey through the central and far north of the North Island. A path that had emerged from my last journey home and one that I would love to share with other like minded souls while employing the services of the local Kaitiaki (guardians) at each of the main sites.

Nearing the outskirts of Sydney my mobile rang and on answering I was surprised and delighted to hear the voice of Dr Anthony Hall-Martin, one of Africa’s leading conservationists who, as an executive member of African Parks Network, so happened to be my last boss. Anthony had recently been on his own journey with cancer, a journey which I was happy to hear he had come to the other side of receiving a clear bill of health, his cancer was in remission and he was back at work on light duties. His call inspired me to make a conscious effort to return to Africa in the near future even if only to share a glass of wine with a very special man in my world while looking up Credo Mutwa.

Driving into Sydney on dusk with map and steering wheel in one hand and Google directions in the other I thought I was doing really well until I missed my tunnel into the city and was taken on a half hour detour out to the north west. Lost no, temporarily misplaced, indeed yes! My diversion had made me a little late for my date with Kevin, the soul responsible for an Atlantean experiment where I had been sliced and spliced with another creature and had a crystal implanted into the base of my skull, a 13,000 year old operation that was affecting my current physical alignment. Kevin had also been through his shamanic training with the Fourwinds and through an introduction from Toby we had got in touch with each other at the beginning of this year.

Kevin, as the gentleman he is, was at the door to meet me with a big smile and warm welcoming hug, he showed me where the bathroom and the sofa were then left me to my own devices while he popped out for supper with a friend that was over visiting from the US. I unpacked what I needed, fed myself and filled a bath with Epsom salt and Lavender oil and submerged my weary body until my host came home. Unfortunately my brain was too tired to talk so I suggested that we reserve conversation until the morning when there would be more chance of me retaining information and when, if Kevin was feeling up to it, I could have an appointment with he and his crystal to see if he could help me with resurrecting my alignment.

By the time we had spent a couple hours sharing stories, experiences and tales of adventures in foreign lands it felt as though I had reconnected with an old friend. We turned the lounge into a healing space and Kevin set to work in his bathrobe. I am a strong supporter that for miracles to happen we have to believe in them and, after almost a year doing my best to clear/release/heal this particular alignment issue through energetic and physical body, I am certainly ready for miracle! Perhaps there is something that I am not yet understanding though as the miracle I was hoping for didn’t happen. However what I was to learn the following week was that I got exactly what I needed! Kevin had delivered to me codes/information from Mt Shasta, codes that he had collected from a visit to the US earlier in the year.

I guess it brings understanding to the saying that goes something along the lines of “If Mohammed can’t come to the mountain then the mountain may come to Mohammed”. Israel had told me over a year ago that I really needed to visit Shasta, a journey that I did not have time for on my last trip to the US however after learning what I have in the time in between I know that I will put it on my map for the next journey, one that I feel I may take in 2011 . . .

On the road again and after a quick calculation I realised that I had both enough time and sufficient km’s left on my allowance to travel to Melbourne via Canberra which provided me an opportunity to visit Lance and Kay, Ian’s (my previous partner) sister and family who I had not seen for about 4 years. It was such a pleasure driving into Canberra after the chaos of the city of Sydney, from one of Australia’s oldest cities into one of its newest. Once more it was the greenest I had ever seen ACT and there were wildflowers everywhere, the landscape was lavender and the land felt as though a long thirst had finally been quenched.

Canberra in Colour

Getting out of Canberra should have been a very simple task but somehow I managed to take myself on a detour that landed me right in the centre of the city where I had to circumambulate Capitol Hill before I was able to leave on the correct highway. Not what I needed as had not allowed time or kms for the excursion however it did make me curious as to the energetics of the diversion if everything really does happen for a reason??? Perhaps there was something in the centre of Australia’s capital city that needed a little light???

It was the last day of my road trip and although I had enjoyed my introduction to a land that until now ,I had really only flown around, I was tired and very much looking forward to getting out of my chariot and walking on the earth for a while. In fact I was so tired that there was absolutely no emotional response when I saw flashing lights in my revision mirror as I was pulled over for speeding. And when the officer came to my window to tell me that he had clocked me doing 125 km (in a 110 km limit) all I could say was Ohhhh . . . sorry sir . . . now when asked for my driver’s licence I was blessed with a little voice in my head that said, UK licence in front pocket of black bag in car boot! My response to the policeman; ...“yes officer, it is in the boot”. And as he unfolded what I can only imagine might be the prospect of ‘too much paperwork’ he asked me where I was from and said he would let me off with a warning this time. My impulse was to give him a big hug, but I managed to limit myself to a heart filled thanks and many many thank-yous to the little speed angels that had shown up for the occasion!

I made it into the Apollo depot in Melbourne with 15 mins to spare which provided just enough time to backtrack to the fuel station to fill the petrol tank which I had forgotten to do. Fortunately Shultz, the Maori man behind the desk, had a sense of humour when I unloaded my home; swag, bag, office, and kitchen cupboard onto the forecourt of his depot while I waited for Allardes to come and collect me. I had known Allardes and Jane since my overlanding days and was delighted that I had some old friends to share a weekend with before the last leg of my Ozzie Earthwalk for 2010.

Jane was working so my first evening was spent catching up with Allardes, now a fully fledged helicopter pilot who had just that day coordinated the logistics for a film shoot with 9 helicopters flying in and out of Melbourne’s MCG. More at home in the air than on the ground, I teased him that he was probably a spacecraft pilot in a previous life, such a gift when an old friend has an open enough mind to appreciate my newly developing sense of humour . . . or could it be the truth disguised in a joke???

And just as well I had that evening with Allardes as so long as the weather stayed fine, which it did, he was booked to fly all weekend. This left Jane and I to enjoy some serious girl time together which was perfect to share some of the experiences we had each encountered along the path of our respective spiritual journeys. It was also interesting to learn more about the Earth from Above Exhibition that Jane took around Australia while leaving time and space for an energy session with Jane and a trip into town to the hairdressers. While Jane had her haircut I explored the city where I had taken my first journey to outside of New Zealand 24 yrs ago . . . An interesting coincidence that I found myself in the exact same block as the hotel I had stayed in way back then.

Melbourne City

Shopping for supper I could not believe it when we bumped into Shultz, I only knew I handful of people in Melbourne and wondered what the chances were of crossing paths with someone I had just met on the opposite side of the city to where he lived . . . how bizarre! I think Shultz was quite shocked while I just smiled in wonder of what the syncronicity of our second meeting was all about. Could it have simply been my opportunity to follow up on a fuel credit that had not come through into my account or was it for some other reason??? Either way the encounter certainly served me well.

Sunday dawned clear and bright and my need to walk on the earth was fulfilled with Jane’s suggestion that we take a drive out of the city to a climb a mountain. On arrival we decided to do the base route but somewhere along the path we both missed a very clear signpost and ended up on the top instead. There was however no disappointment as from this detour we could enjoy a bird’s eye view of an Eagle geoglyph that had been created by Andrew Rogers as part of the Rhythm of Life Series for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games Festival in 2006.

My weary body had enjoyed a weekend of rest and I figured that I was as ready as I would ever be for my next adventure with Raeline and her cousin Keiran a jopurney that would take us half-way across the continent to the Head of the Great Australian Bight in order to activate the second and Southern Birthing Gate of the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Island Vibe Festival, Stradbroke Island

Departure was scheduled for 0930 hrs and everything came together at the last minute just as it does. Shamanatara and I packed provisions and camping equipment while Harry and Arpana loaded ‘Orby’ Arpana’s faithful Landcruiser troopy bearing the slogan 'Fire the Grid with Love', for our journey north to Stradbroke Island. Having never attended a festival before, I was rather excited about the prospect of sharing a weekend with my rainbow family and friends at Island Vibe. I was also curious to see if any of the guidance I had received relating to my Earthwalk Project during our crystal skull ceremony in Cairns might become visible, i.e. was there someone waiting to meet me on Stradbroke Island? Could the journey I thought was going to take me anti-clockwise around the continent actually end up taking me clockwise???

Meanwhile I had no desire to be anywhere else but present, the sun was shining, the water was warm and Harry, Raj and I found a patch of soft grass to roll out our swags under the stars where we could listen to the ocean and easily take shelter should it decide to rain. It was a space which unbeknown at the time also provided us with a front row lounge for Friday night’s campsite concert. I must have been asleep for a couple of hours before being woken by the sound of a Djembe (African drum) accompanied by a Didgeridoo and the best part was not only could I hear the music but I could also feel the vibration coursing through my body as I lay on the earth. And as our neighbourly band played on into the night I tuned in even deeper and in doing so not only could I feel the drum and the didge but also the vibration from the Earth responding to the music . . . WOW what a delight, it did not matter that I could not sleep as I didn’t really want to, it was far too much fun just drifting in dreamtime somewhere between the earth and the stars with the music playing through me!

Without even realising it we had gently slipped into the rhythm of ‘no time’ . . . up at dawn the boys headed to the surf and I found a quiet space for my morning stretch. As people began to surface the beach seemed to be the destination of choice for walking, yoga, meditation, swimming or simply breakfast and sunbathing, clothes were optional and most chose the ‘less is best’ option . . . we explored the island, ate when we were hungry and rested when we weren’t. I was surprised how many people I had connected with over the course of the past few weeks since picking up my Australian Whale Trail in Hervey Bay. It brought to mind something Deb, who I had met earlier in the year in Cairns, had said to me. Her gauge to how successful each year had been was directly related to the number of people she had met and new friends she had made. I felt it was a good guideline to follow and one that mades me feel as though I have enjoyed yet another yet of absolute abundance!

Harry, Raj, Hopi (Chinta’s son) and I took a walk along the cliffs further south of the festival and I had to laugh at myself when I rushed to the end of one of the points thinking I had heard a whale blow only to discover the point was called whale rock and the blowhole was a result of the waves bursting through an isolated vent in the earth. It was an easy mistake and one that provided much humour along with spectacular ocean views. And on that note we scaled down the cliff to go body surfing on the waves that were washing through the crevasse beneath us.

On our return we enjoyed a little quiet time in camp during which I was treated to a Bowen therapy ‘a la Dr Didge style’ session from Harry. This of course was under supervision of the good Dr himself who showed little mercy encouraging Harry to go deeper in my right hip/pelvic area where I have been having constant irritation for almost a year now. Not the most relaxing experience as Harry methodically flicked every tendon, ligament and muscle in my body to reset the memory on a cellular level however it certainly had an effect as I had no desire to move anywhere once he was complete, and I didn’t. Lying there soaking up the sun and scenery as the afternoon warmed and people began to dress up for their evening pilgrimage to the festival grounds was all the entertainment I could have asked for. The effort that some people went to in dressing for the occasion was really quite incredible and certainly added to the energy of the occasion.

I took a walk with the boys to share a late lunch returning in time for the Whaledreamers rehearsal. Shelley had shown up, Bunna was back from his wanderings and the girls and boys were having a very relaxed warm-up in camp. They sounded good and for a moment it felt as though we were back on Hervey Bay, making music and drinking tea in the late afternoon . . . Life is Beautiful! I also made a suggestion that they might like to consider screening slides taken on the whale journey as they were playing which I feel could only enhance their performance and the power of the message. It was perhaps a little late for this gig but in good time for the next one.

There was a little chaos as everyone got showered, dressed and painted up for the performance however as we know out of chaos comes order and the ‘fusion’ band seemed to get it together in time for the night! The girls were looking lovely and with Shelley’s vocals and Shamanatara’s whale sounds backing Bunna’s lyrics they did a fantastic job of sharing the message of the whales with a very enthusiastic audience. Unfortunately the mic for the didgeridoo’s died early however it did not seem to affect the ever growing crowd that gathered on the dance floor to celebrate the cetacean nation and their important role as wisdom keepers and earthkeepers on our planet!

Once the show was over we packed the boys off home and Shamanatara and I moved on into the big top where an American Reggae Band was playing a few of Bob Marley’s classics for which we needed little excuse to carry sing and dance our way on into the night. Our evening seemed to be drawing to a close way too soon so we settled for a cup of organic red wine accompanied by dark chocolate and an entertaining conversation with Dr Didge and the Professor back at camp . . . and what more could two girls want from an evening at Island Vibe???

Sunday morning was even more relaxed and Harry and Hopi took me over to meet the rest of Hopi’s family; Ika, his older brother and Malaika, their Mum who is clearly another star sister. It was good to put faces to names of two very gifted individuals I had heard so much about since Hervey Bay. Everyone had lots of suggestions of things to do and places we could go in order to explore a little more of the Island however for some reason as much as it seemed like a good idea it didn’t feel like it was where I was meant to be. I was actually feeling called to return to the festival grounds . . . anyway by the time we had cleaned up and packed up there really wasn’t enough time left to relax and enjoy the journey to the lake with the others so Harry and I thought we would go and explore some nearby caves. As it happened caves, sound and song had been the theme of my morning meditation . . .

I asked Harry if he would mind stopping by the entrance to the festival so that I could run in and purchase a flute before we went as I figured it was time I learnt to play and instrument and I needed something portable. However when I arrived at the gate I met Debra with her arms full of flowers for Ivy’s Healing space, and when I offered to assist I realised that that was exactly where I was meant to be. I ran back to Harry apologised and said I had to be where I was and could not come which he was fine about and then returned to the woman’s weaving circle to help. The goddess Debra was wandering around as she does weaving her web of light. Shelly came up to share an amazing story of her morning swim in the ocean where a girl had offered her a set of goggles to dive down and when she declined had dived down for her returning with a whale bone for her as a gift. It was beautiful to witness Shelley who was still in shock and awe of receiving the most beautiful gift from the ocean as she looked about for one of Stradbroke’s elders to bless it.

Next moment I was introduced to another woman with the most extraordinary eyes that were encircled by little stars, for a moment we had nothing to say as we recognised each other in another level. Then as if we had no time to lose we sat down and briefly shared our stories only as soon as I mentioned the Earthwalk Project she said they were waiting for me . . . so of course I asked who was waiting? She simply replied that they were waiting for me at the women’s sacred site on Adder Rock about 10 mins walk down the beach. I asked if she could show me and was told no, that I must go alone and I must hurry. My directions were given and as we were due to leave for the ferry in just over an hour I figured I best be on my way . . . the most important thing would be to show up and no doubt with time I would learn what it was all about.

Arriving at Adder Rock, I first needed a pee so that I could sit comfortably and as soon as I was done out of the trees came another woman who was looking for a quiet space to have a smoke. She had grown up on Stradbroke so we chatted for a bit about the history of the Island and where her life had taken her and then I figured I may as well find a space and in tune to see if I could get any idea of what the excitement was all about. And just as I did my crown chakra opened up like a lotus flower and down came masses of high vibrational energy I can only compare to what I had experienced working with Erana at Mitimiti earlier in the year, in the far north of New Zealand. Down it came, out it went and in it came again only this time as I finished I burst into song that left me dancing in the stars for hours.

I managed to make it back to camp just in time for the final pack but was really not much use for any practical task as although part of me was present in my physical body the rest was stretched to the limit of my multidimensional reality and I had not yet managed to connect with the other end me, if there was an end. Shamanatara recognised my situation immediately and did her best to help ground me with food before I slipped across to join the conversation with our colourful neighbours who came from France, Germany, Belgium, Australia and Botswana . . . nothing like sprinkling a little last minute stardust before departure.

On the drive to the ferry for our journey back to the mainland I asked Bunna again if he would be interested in sharing the Mirning story of Creation for YouTube but he was too tired so I figured it will happen when it is meant to. He looked like he needed some time to himself and I know I certainly did in order to reassemble myself into my new reality. Actually what I really wanted and felt I needed was some good bodywork and a quiet space to be very still for a week. However the universe had other plans for dispersing the energy that had just been brought down . . . I had already decided to join Raeline to activate the second and Southern Birthing Gate of the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria at the Head of the Great Australian Bight on 11.11 and it seemed that my means of transport would be relocating a rental car from Brisbane to Melbourne to join her.

This particular relocation had been sitting there for some time which surprised me as it included all fuel costs and 4 days to drive the 1950 kms so I figured it all must be for a reason as it would enable me to visit Tambourine Mountain, Byron and Sydney on my way. I realised that the opportunity would provide a ways and means to distribute the energy that had just been transmitted and although it would take my time the journey would otherwise not cost me anything.

IN addition I had been notified by email a few days previously that if I didn’t use my Emirates frequent flyer points I would lose them so figured that would provide me with a lift from Melbourne back across the Tasman to New Zealand where I would be able to find a space in which to rest and recharge. Once more if I flew back straight away once my work with Raeline was done it would enable me to the Gathering of the Grandmothers of Pacifica!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barefoot in Byron Bay

Just before departure for Killen Falls I was given the awareness of what my work here was about . . . Suffolk Park, where I had been staying at Dolphins Downunder, was also known as the place of suffering and Killen Falls, the place of killing . . . I guess I had been called here to help clear the land. This was confirmed on arrival at Killen Falls when Zakairan and I emerged the car and directly above us was the most incredible rainbow cloud of an angel.

We proceeded to share a very special few hours swimming and sunning ourselves, something that made me realise I had not been making enough time for along my way. While Zakairan www.zakairan.com imparted his story and understanding of our relationship with the various star systems I was able to add a few more pieces to my puzzle. Then, after a short meditation on a rock beneath the waterfall, the clouds came with a cleansing rain, our work was done and it was time for us to move on . . .

The energy at the T-Tree Lakes was not so appealing, it was dark and heavy. Zakairan suggested a sense of sex without love and I had to agree thus it was of little surprise that it had become a local beat for the homosexual community. Not my destination of choice however to spend an hour clearing the land around the masculine lake was not a big problem. Perhaps this also helped to explain why I later felt called to the women’s sacred site at the feminine T-Tree Lake back at Suffolk Park. Later that evening Shamanatara and I took a long walk along the beach and an evening swim in the lake where we watched as thunder rolled across the mountains and lightening lit the sky bringing cleansing to land and healing to the ancestors.

Monday afternoon I had an energy healing for massage exchange booked with Jason jasonforbodywork@internode.on.net It was my first ever experience of Kahuna Massage and as it turned out it was an experience that would be very difficult to beat. My favourite part was when I was lying on my back and Jason was working from beneath against my own body weight the full length of my upper body. . . YUM! . . . can bodywork get any better than this??? In return I held space for Jason to visit with his ancestors, one of the most important and liberating pieces of self healing work we are able to undertake.

As promised Guy came to pick me up on Tuesday afternoon to introduce me to the Rainbow Temple www.rainbowtemple.us and as we drove into the hills behind Byron he shared the story of his life to date, the evolution of the Rainbow Temple and his dream for its future . . . An amazing space in Northern NSW that felt as though it could easily have been in a different country all together as the energy reminded me more of tropical Thailand than the Land of Oz! Over the past 20 yrs people have come and gone and more often than not continue to return to the Rainbow Temple staying for as little as a night or as long as needed. To fund the temple visitors are asked to contribute $20.00 per night and share with the daily chores of house, garden and maintenance.

I enjoyed the full guided tour that concluded in the tunnel system beneath the temple where Guy is busy excavating underground sound chambers and healing rooms. The acoustics are incredible and I could not think of a more suitable venue for a Shamanic Workshop if I had to find one myself. We shared a huge pot of Lemon myrtle tea fresh from the garden and then Guy asked me to check on Rosie, one of his visitors who had earlier that morning gone over on her ankle. A quick illumination/healing session to clear the energetics accompanied by a little vibrational therapy from Shamanatara’s Scenar machine left Rosie resting comfortably. And there was still time for a last cup of tea before I caught a lift with Greg, one of the Rainbow Temple’s American visitors back into Byron Bay to the Lotus Temple for the Tuesday evening sound healing session.

Wtih Guy just before departure form the Rainbow Temple
Only my lift ended up taking an unexpected detour through Mullumbimby, near a mountain that had been calling me since my arrival in Byron . . . Thankfully my late landing at the Lotus Temple did not interrupt the proceedings and I silently slipped into a spare space on the floor. As I relaxed and allowed my body to be bathed in sound I began to float in the finer vibrational energies of love & light that had been cultivated from regular gatherings of like minded souls dedicated to not only their own healing journey but also that of all beings and our earth. A little extra sound and light from Zakairan and the other healers certainly was appreciated by this tired little Lightworker and left me feeling very much at peace.

With Zaikairan at the Lotus Temple which I can highly recommend as another more central Byron Bay workshop venue and definitely one that is not to be missed if you happen to be in the neighbourhood for their free sound healing circle on a Tuesday evening . . . www.thedivineuniversity.com/the-lotus-temple

On Wednesday afternoon I caught a lift into town with Chinta who was on his way to lead one of his drumming workshops. The plan was to share an exchange with Egbert only after Egbert had finished with me I felt as though I had been through a wringer. It must have been just what I needed as I felt completely relaxed and all I wanted to do was curl up in the sun like a cat and take my afternoon nap. It also left me in a space where I was not as fit as I might have liked to return the favour of holding space for him and as divine intervention prevailed Egbert ended up with an afternoon visitor which provided me the space required to slip quietly out and allowing time for the emotion that had been activated during my session to be released. I walked through town, hitched a lift back to Suffolk Park and then disappeared down the beach to wash away my tears in the ocean waves . . .

My two weeks in Byron were all but over . . . I had certainly enjoyed my explorations and appreciate all of those who took the time to fulfil their promises of introducing me to Byron. Not to mention the time shared with Arpana, Shamanatara, Chinta, Hayden (Shamanatara’s son), Raj (Arpana’s son) and everyone else who passed through Dolphins Downunder during my two weeks. I have only just left yet am already looking forward to my next visit 

And before I knew it Thursday had arrived and it was time to prepare food and pack equipment for our weekend foray to the Island Vibe Festival on North Stradbroke Island where Bunna Lawrie and the Whale Dreamers were scheduled to perform at the Yurt on Saturday evening!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Dolphins Downunder

I only had a few days with my sister and family before I received a text message from Shelley, who I met on my Whale Journey, to say that she was on her way down from the Sunshine Coast to Byron and if I wanted a lift she would be more than happy to swing by Wellington Point and pick me up. As long as I was prepared to go with the flow it seemed as though the universe had my travel arrangements under control, once more it was a wonderful opportunity to share a few hours with a like-minded soul and explore our Whale and Kiwi connections . . .

Shelly Emia was born in NZ and immigrated to Australia with her family as a child. Growing up in the Pilbara region of North Western Australia with a predominantly Aboriginal community she has always enjoyed a strong connection to the land and its people. In pursuit of her passion Shelley explored her share of the most well known surfing destinations on our earth before returning to Australia. Here she met Wayne ‘Rabbit’ Bartholomew, a surfing champion in his own right who managed to put Australia’s surfing scene on the world map. Together they had two lovely boys which they share responsibility for while continuing to follow their individual dreams.

For Shelley this has included a recent journey to NZ in search of her Whakapapa (Maori lineage) and stepping up to the stage as a singer and performer. With one of the most amazing voices I have heard for a while I am looking forward to Shelley joining Bunna and the Whaledreamers to perform on stage at the Island Vibe Festival, on Stradbroke Island at the end of October. As we dropped the boys at their Dad’s house for the weekend it was good to meet Rabbit himself a very gentle man with an enormous heart who continues to lead the surfing scene in Australia.

It was pretty late when we arrived at Dolphins Downunder, Arpana and Shamanatara’s space in Suffolk Park just south of Byron Bay. The plan was that in return for taking care of the catering I would receive my food and board and have a base from which to explore Byron and its surrounds. And as luck would have it as Shamanatara had plans to head to Sydney for her sons 21st and Arpana had a workshop to attend in Brisbane it meant that I was off duty for my first weekend. A perfect opportunity to follow up on all of the offers I had received to be shown around town. However for my first evening I was completely content to limit myself to the magic of Dolphins Downunder and my bed in the corner of the garden next to the fairy fountain from where I could see the stars and hear the sound of the surf.

Blue skies and sunshine paved the way each morning and it did not take long to fall into the daily routine of yoga, pranayama, meditation, morning swim, kitchen duties, my admin, dinner preparation followed by afternoon/evening energy healing/bodywork exchanges, family time or outside activities and entertainment. There was also time to experiment with a few toys from Shamanatara’s box of healing tools which included a Zen Chi, the VIBE (Quantum Pulse Machine) and the Scenar, a Russian Device that was designed for Astronauts to promote the body’s ability to heal itself. I felt like a child in a candy store!

Arpana donned his Dr Peter O’Brian (MD) red sleeveless shirt and woolly hat 4 days a week when he became the barefoot doctor and conformed to regular working hours to practice as the downstairs doctor of Dolphins Downunder. With the assistance of three amazing nurses/earth angels the Dr and his team were kept pretty busy leaving little time to make the final arrangements and preparation for our journey to Island Vibe at the end of the month for the Whaledreamers Gig. And observing the way in which the band shape-shifted each day it was clearly a space in which one had no choice but to practice non-attachment as to who would end up on stage on the night!

By making the most of opportunities as they came along I enjoyed an introduction to the area and a walk along the coast just south of Suffolk Park with Harry, and was most impressed when the dolphins came to entertain us beneath the cliff known as Woolly Mammoth. Another day in my enthusiasm to explore I hitched a lift with Arpana up to the Crystal Castle and spent a few hours soaking up the higher vibrational energy as I wandered through the grounds, experienced a labyrinth for the first and second time and watched the documentary of the Crystal Caves of Mexico, another enticing destination that has been on my map for the last couple years since I became aware of its existence.

As luck or divine management would have it Tarshito lived in the community just next door to the Crystal Castle and on Wednesday evenings he and Eltara, one of Dr Didge’s earth angels, held a chanting circle in Byron so I hitched a lift back with him and joined their circle for an evening of song and music. And as luck would have it Chinta, our skipper and percussion man (www.rhythmkonnections.com.au) from the Whale Journey who was also residing at Dolphins Downunder just so happened to have the night off so showed up with his Djembe and was there to give me a lift home afterwards.

The following Friday evening was a joint birthday celebration for Arpana and I along with a reunion of our group from this year’s Whale Journey. A brilliant evening beneath our Southern Stars, both the plunge pool and the spa were filled with beautiful people as the slide show played across the outdoor screen and Whalesong and Whalestories filled the minds and bodies of all present as we were transported back to our magical week on Hervey Bay.

Swimming out past the surf each morning kept me fit while also bringing many gifts including a couple playful dolphins one day and humpback whales a little farther out the following. I also discovered that it was the best place to ask for help when one morning in frustration over my right hip I shouted to the universe as loud as I could for help from a good body worker. What happened next both surprised and amazed me . . .

Almost a week previous on recommendation from Arpana I had phoned Egbert to make an appointment to get some help with my ongoing alignment issue yet for some reason had not heard back. Hence when Arpana informed me that he had simply sent an sms to Egbert and received an appointment for the following day I was wondering if you had to be Arpana Geeta to get service in Byron! Just to check I figured that I would phone Egbert from Arpana’s phone and send an sms from mine and see if I could get his attention. Now what was so bizarre was that there was a knock at the door about 2 hours later and it was Egbert who, without having rcvd either my phone call or sms had been called to show up at Dolphins Downunder . . .

My call across the ocean waves that morning had obviously been heard and not only did I have an appointment with one of Byron’s best body workers but it ended up being a door to door service with an afternoon swim at one of the southern beaches thrown in at no extra charge. Once more we made a date to share an exchange later the following week. And then when I returned to Dolphins Downunder Jason, a Kahuna Massage Therapist who also came highly recommended, was just packing up after session with both Shamanatara and Arpana and after comparing notes and services was quite happy to make a date for an exchange on the following Monday afternoon.

I still had a week to go in Byron and it was already booked . . . Killen Falls and the T-Tree lakes with Zakiaran on Sunday, exchange with Jason on Monday, Guy had invited me to visit the Rainbow Temple on Tuesday afternoon, Sounding Healing Tuesday evening at the Lotus Temple, Wednesday exchange with Egbert and Thursday to prepare food and pack for our departure to Stradbroke Island and the Island Vibe Festival on Friday!