Sunday, May 31, 2015

Summer’s End in Sweden

It was my third summer in Sweden and my first summer not to be presenting at any of the festivals there, I was feeling very complete with the European summer festival circuit, giving gratitude for the gifts and the many synchronistic meetings with soul family, I was ready to let go and very curious what might come next.

Meeting my partner again in Stockholm after our time at opposite ends of the world of sacred sexuality felt very different, there was a clarity in my field and sight and an internal resolution to trust my intuition, follow my calling and walk the truth of my path, whether that would take us closer together or further apart, deep inside I have a feeling that I already knew the answer . . .

We had an incredible turn out for our public talk at Buddhafield and I knew by the end of it the evening that I would be letting our Unlock Ecstasy Retreat go. With 5 days to go there were only 5 people confirmed and I had over 12 people interested in shamanic soul embodiment sessions. It was time to re orientate myself back into the flow of universal law, to respond to what the world was asking of me and serve those who were seeking support with embodiment and evolution so that they too could answer their soul’s calling ☺

I was also becoming more aware of an unseen connection between Sweden and New Zealand, there were more people in New Zealand speaking light-language than any other country I know on the planet and Sweden seemed to be full of so many star-seeds awakening to themselves . . . coincidentally the country codes for NZ and Sweden were also exact reverse +64 and +46.

My sessions were amazing and I loved the rhythm of daily life in shared temple space on the edge of one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Morning lovemaking, yoga & meditation, smoothie, shower, session, lunch in the garden, session and afternoon walk and swim in the nearby park before supper. Our evenings were spent responding to enquiries and reservations to create sacred space for more of the same . . . yes, this is what I came here for ☺

What really caught my attention though was after a soul embodiment session with one Sistar in particular she mentioned that she had plans to travel to Sedona. She would be there at the exact same time as me the following month and, if I needed a place to stay for a few nights I was welcome to join her . . . in my reality nothing happens by chance and I looked forward with excitement to our next meeting on the other side of the Atlantic.

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