Monday, December 20, 2010

Journey through the Land of Mu!

Although I thought I would be making another journey in the first week of December is wasn’t until the second week that I was actually called for my next walkabout. My morning mediation had shown me the oceans meeting beneath the Lighthouse at Cape Reinga and before I had finished the phone rang. It was Puawai (flower of life), a Kaitiaki (guardian) of Te Miringa Te Kakara (Temple of the Four Winds), whom I had met during our earthwork in Jerusalem (Wanganui) in early June and again at the opening Powhiri if the gathering of the Grandmothers of Pacifica. Puawai had been called to Cape Reinga where from a beach in the Bay of Islands she sat and wove the northern oceans together before being delivered back to Whangarei on the 10th to begin our journey south . . .

First stop was cafe Utopia where Puawai had made arrangements to meet a Swiss woman by the name of Anita who coincidently I had met at Kerry Strongman’s workshop in Te Hana the previous year. Another member of our Ancient tribe dedicated to spreading love and light as we weave our new world into being. Puawai and Anita shared a mutual friend on Waiheke Island, Puawai’s home base for the past 15 yrs, who had suggested that they should meet each other . . . another shining light connected to the tapestry of creation.

One particular story of Puawai’s that resonated with me was that of a black Ponamu tiki (maori fertility symbol) that a family whose origins are from the Wanganui river area are the current custodians of. Their family hold the story that one day this tiki must return to the tribe at Uluru as it contains the key to the manifestation of humanity. It made we wonder if this has any connection to the work I have been assisting Raeline with opening the birthing gates of the starry whale palaces of Lemuria.

We had a few errands in Auckland and then headed to Tuakau to stay at Sharda for the night. As it happened Val and Ayla, the two custodians we knew, were both out for the evening which provided us the perfect opportunity to continue sharing. Our faces ached from laughing having matched each other story for story since we left Whangarei at midday. In the process we were discovering the places in which our projects overlapped; Earthwalk you are familiar with, while Puawai is holding the vision of Pouwaitanga (the blossoming) a school of learning for the Children of Light which she has been guided to create in Little Lemuria, an emerging sanctuary on the west coast of the north island. Both projects seem to be orchestrated completely by spirit thus as they unfold we have chosen to consolidate our energies into creating sacred journeys to weave through the Land of the Long White Cloud.

Our next destination was Waitomo where Gretta had arranged for us to meet with Chris Templer, a Kaitiaki of the Caves. Chris has spent the best part of his life in the Waitomo area and as a guide through the main cave system has endless tales to tell of numerous extra-ordinary encounters and experiences he has enjoyed. Meanwhile, Fernanda who had recently returned to NZ from Switzerland, along with her partner Atol, who I had shared my NZ Whale Trail with earlier in the year, also joined us. Fernanda too was looking at bringing groups on sacred journeys to Aotearoa. I had actually asked that Chris take us to visit the sites outside of the main caves system however for some reason he had felt called to take us into Ruakuri, the cave of the Dog Star Sirius, a situation which, as a being of Sirian origins, immediately raised my curiosity.

It had been 23 yrs since I was last in the caves on a travel agents famil trip as one of the first guinea pigs of the black water rafting experience, and what an amazing transformation the underworld had gone through since then. Gone are the days of wading through water soaked caves ducking low hanging rocks and hoping the flashlight would last the length of the journey. We descended along wheelchair friendly spiral walkway, passed through security doors, and followed raised pathways lit by strategically placed floor lights, to lookout platforms located at main viewing sites while listening to Chris’s repertoire of myth, legend, history and other-than-normal experiences. An extraordinary journey whose purpose, which was only fully realised the following day, seemed to be related to the number of orbs present in the main birth canal.

Although I have not yet had any personal experience of being pregnant, for the last 7 – 10 days leading up to our journey I had been going through all the related symptoms that I have listened to those who have, talk about. Perhaps after 15 months of incubation the time has arrived for Earthwalk to be born, to manifest in physical reality! Now that, having walked in trust and faith for so long is one celebration I most certainly am ready for!

Val, who coincidently has also recently been called to act as custodian of land right next to the main Waitomo Caves, and Ayla from Sharda joined us. Our next stop was Little Lemuria, a very special property taken care of by a very special woman. Welcome to rural New Zealand and an enormous country kitchen where many people have passed through sharing their lives, gifts and journeys. That evening I held sacred space for Val (of Little Lemuria) and the next morning she took us on a walk to share her sacred space. Making music in the mystical circles of the ancients we meandered up hill and down dale all the way to the Dragon Temple . . . a direct reminder of my morning meditation where I was visited by a flying dragon!

I climbed upon the head of the dragon and as I sat there asking what all this was about Puawai came up to me with three broken turkey eggs . . . could this be a birthing place??? A very special ancient ceremonial site, rock platforms included! The girls took turns lying on the platform while the rest of us climbed beneath to make the music and provide the prayers . . . remembering that the space although sacred did not have to be serious so our hit song to honour the occasion along with our inner childishness could only be Puff the Magic Dragon!

After a few of the women in our group had had their turn Puawai asked if I would like to be next to experience the platform. Although I wanted to for some reason I declined the offer and instead honoured my calling to explore a little farther to the east. And here I met the two Val’s and just as I was about to leave Val from Sharda called me back to the east platform saying that the energy was 50 times more powerful there than the one on the west side we had been working with. Sure enough it was so I climbed up and found a little stone seat where I could rest my back against the rock and as I did the energy in my womb began to move and I simply tuned in to the sound of the stream and allowed what needed to happen, happen. It was beginning to make sense why Valesi on my last trip north had suggested that perhaps he should call me mother.

With Val from Sharda holding space as midwife the words that she spoke were that she felt as though she was bearing witness to the birthing of the ancients . . . although the pregnancy hadn’t been very pleasant I must admit the birth was a pleasure!. And as soon as it was over I jumped down and headed back up the hill to share with the others only before I reached the top Val excitedly called me back down. Just between us and the river was another birth canal in the rocks and at the base lay the fresh afterbirth from a goat. How bizarre! Between Puawai’s turkey eggs and the afterbirth I wondered what more we had in store and as we met the others they pointed out the white feather in the clouds directly above us and if that wasn’t enough as we headed for home we looked back to see a phoenix flying over the Dragon Temple . . . almost too much fun for one day!

There was time to land, share lunch and have a reading from Val out of her book on the ancient healing techniques of Lemuria. She kindly gifted me a prayer book along with the three volumes of the Telos series so that I could learn a little more about this Ancient Civilisation that I was once a part of. Then it was time to say our goodbyes. Val and Ayla headed back to Sharda while Fernanda, Atol, Puawai and I headed for Te Kuiti where we had hoped to catch up with Wiremu before moving on the Te Miringa Te Kakara. Te Miringa is the site of an Ancient Star Temple more commonly known as the Temple of the Fourwinds and our destination for a midnight ceremony on 12.12.2010. As it happened Wiremu was down in Otaki so as an alternative I took everyone to meet with Maurice and Monica, a European couple who lived in Benneydale that I had met on my journey through earlier in the year.

It was rather special to have Te Miringa Te Kakara all to ourselves especially with Puawai, a respected Kaitaki of Te Miringa as part of our group. We shared supper, stories and ceremony before Puawai, Fernanda and I climbed into bed side by side beneath our blanket of southern stars and, with the intention of dreaming together, drifted off into the dreamtime. We were keen to learn the art of conscious dreaming an art that we clearly require plenty more practice at. However if one take into account what came out the stories next morning there is no doubt that we are enjoying the learning in the journey!

Atol and Fernanda moved on next morning leaving Puawai and I at Te Miringa. Our intention had also been to move on toward Taupo to visit the Tauhara Retreat Centre and explore the Kaimanawa wall however while Puawai was at home I suggested that if she felt she might like me to hold space for her that it might be a good place for her to do some healing work. And as she rested in the afternoon I went walkabout exploring the series of unusual mountains that sit like a gateway to the north west of the main site.

It was good to have a day of relative rest and reminded me of the guidance I had received almost a year earlier that it would be important to rest along the way. The way our journey was unfolding combined with the number of people that had indicated that they were keen on joining us for our Full Moon fire circle, Lunar Eclipse and Solstice Celebration made me realise that many things I thought were going to happen last year were in fact manifesting this year . . . makes me wonder what else the universe has in store for my summer downunder!

With prior arrangement we arrived at Vernon and April’s house in Taupo around midday the following day. Vernon and April were friends of Fernanda and Atol and had managed Tauhara Retreat Centre for a number of years. They now lived in their own space on the southern side of the city with a magnificent view over the lake toward Mt Ruapehu and Ngarahoe. We shared our stories over a light lunch which was followed by a brief jam session incorporating string instruments and Christmas carols. With a to-be-continued agreement April presented us with a picnic of tea and homemade chocolate muffins and with Vernon’s carefully scribed directions we set off for the Kaimanawa Wall. We didn’t however make it far out of town before Puawai spotted a second hand shop worthy of a 30 min detour as we restocked our candle supply, bought a cereal bowl to replace the one I had left behind at Te Miringa and collected a few more useful knick knacks to serve as tools and toys for our journey.

With Puawai on the pink ukulele and both of us on vocals we sang our sweet songs all the way past our turnoff to the Kaimanawa Wall and directly into the Poronui Forest to the reception of a helicopter pilot with some of the most beautiful and extraordinary eyes I had seen for some time who kindly directed us back toward our destination! We entered the primordial forest of this enchanted land we are so fortunate to call home to a wall that holds the history of our ancestors all the way back to the time of Mu, back to a time when the land and ocean displayed a different world map.

It made me wonder what it would look like after our next pole shift. As we shared music and song, prayers and visions and I was shown a time when the sea reached all the way to the stone city buried beneath the mountains. Scenes, that coincidently corresponded to my morning meditation, where I had been shown a high speed film of the coming and going of the ice ages and major earth movements during the evolution of our planet to date. I was then shown the future when all would be returned to its natural state, an aerial view of nothing other than native forests and rivers.

We returned to April and Vernon’s home and enjoyed another wonderful evening sharing space with like-minded individuals, always fascinating experience even if not always beneficial for the beauty sleep balance. I was a little weary and thus was looking forward to reaching Mahia where we had decided to take a couple days rest with Arthur a friend and fellow man of service who Puawai had worked with on several occasions over the past few years. It was also exciting to be off exploring another corner of Aotearoa that I had not yet ventured to in this life.

Mahia had been added to our itinerary during our trip south from Auckland to Waitomo. It had come up in a story that Puawai was sharing regarding a grandmother of a friend of hers who used to call to the whales from their land on the peninsula. My whole body had resonated so I felt curious to show-up and see what it was all about regardless of the fact Puawai was tempting me with possibilities of experiencing Arthur’s infamous massage skills and helping her attend to a freezer full of crayfish ;-)

We landed late in the afternoon, perfect timing for Arthur to finish what he had to do on the farm and for the crayfish to thaw while we unpacked and shared a cup-of-tea. The weather forecast wasn’t too bright for the next two days but that certainly didn’t damper my spirits, in fact it was perfect weather to curl up in front of the fire with a good book and it just so happened that Arthur had two of Graham Hancock’s books; Fingerprints of the Gods and Underworld, that had been on my reading list for the past six months.

On day two we had arranged to meet Queenie, the star lady of Mahia only when we went to visit she wasn’t home. We did however have an interesting visit with a young Equadorian couple who were in town selling their wares from South America. It felt as a rather unusual coincidence as Mahia, on the far east coast of rural NZ wasn’t exactly a bustling tourist town. The main attraction being ‘Last Chance’ a break on one of the beaches that was only really known through the NZ surfing scene.

The following morning Puawai woke in a fit of giggles saying “you are not going to believe this!” As she was massaging Arthur’s feet in the wee hours of the morning she discovered that he was best friends with Pauline Tangaroa, the Maori woman who had been in the Whaledreamers movie and who I had recently come into contact with through the gathering of the Grandmothers of Pacifica. And not only that but Queenie was in fact Pauline’s cousin and the senior member in their lineage! Pauline was away but due home on Saturday so we were going to miss her however Puawai and Arthur took a trip up to check everything was OK with Queenie and in so doing discovered that Queenie had been dreaming about us for the past week and really wanted to meet us the following morning before we left.

Queenie lives in an ancient marae in Mahia and as I held her in greeting her body shook as she sobbed tears of joy. Looking into my eyes she said yes, it is your face that I have seen, yours and Puawai’s and a number of other men and women. My response to that was “it would be rather useful if the men would soon show up soon”, to which she burst out laughing. And on that note we made ourselves comfortable on the front porch beneath the morning sun overlooking the Pacific Ocean and shared our stories. Queenie’s health had not been the best so after an hour or so of sharing I offered to hold space for her to which she replied that she too was called to offer to rub my feet.

Puawai was busy making music and magic with a young Mahitian girl and her Grandmother, Wikitoria. The young princess had been brought up at the star temple since she was two years old and would soon be travelling to Perth to live with her father. I meanwhile enjoyed the privilege of holding sacred space for Queenie. Then Before we knew it lunchtime had arrived along with a few more interesting family members including Rae and her connection to St Germain and the Ascended Masters.

Our time together felt way too short but it was time to head toward Ohiwa and I left with a promise to Queenie that I would return one day for my foot rub. She did say that there was a whole lot more than that but obviously it was not for me know at that time. So after a fond farewell I left in trust that I would know when it was time to return to Mahia and those of Aotearoa’s Whale dreaming . . .


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  1. I’m now seeing this blog for the first time. In late 2001 into 2002, I befriended Puawai on Waiheke Island. The last email I received she was ill and was to return to her elders for healing. I’m wondering if the Puawai in your blog is one and the same. She sent me to the Temple of the Four Winds. Can you let me know how to contact her? Thank you. Priscilla