Friday, November 26, 2010

Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria at the Head of the Great Australian Bight

We gave ourselves five days to make the journey to the Head of the Bight, be present for the earthwork we had been called to attend and return to Melbourne to resume what some may refer to as ‘normal’ life. Raeline had a friend’s birthday to celebrate on Friday evening, Keiran had organised a business dinner and I had a flight booked to New Zealand early Saturday morning so that I could attend the Gathering of the Grandmothers of Pacifica. We had hoped Bunna might choose to join us as felt the journey we were undertaking to the Bight carried healing potential for he, his ancestors and the land of the Mirning people however it was not to be as he had more pressing men’s business that required his attention.

The prospect of driving another 3,600 kms did little to excite my sense of humour however as I was not the primary driver I was very content to make myself a comfy nest across the back seat of Keiran’s twin cab and read, something I had not allowed myself time for since arriving in Australia in June. Making the most of the opportunity I explored Fractal Time and Gregg Braden’s ‘Time Code Calculator’ followed by a very easy to read introduction to Plato, the man responsible for bringing our attention to platonic solids, portholes to our multi-dimensional reality. Both books seeming rather appropriate and in support of our journey to the southernmost point of the Blue Diamond Grid to reactivate another Birthing Gate to the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria. Which reminds me, I must make time whilst I am in New Zealand to watch the Stargate series for a little more understanding of the purpose of this particular type of earthwork. What do they say? Isn’t it sow up, be present and trust that the understanding will come eventually!

Meanwhile it was important to be present as the most exciting things about undertaking journeys such as this is that the learning comes through the journeying. From the moment we came together with a combined purpose we were able to start picking up little details of information as to the bigger picture of the journey at hand. And what is interesting, although not always particularly comfortable, is to observe the effects on our physical bodies. For Raeline this meant pee stops every hour during the course of the morning on the first day of our journey. And for both of us we felt pressure and a drawing down through our womb. It was the first journey of its kind Keiran had been on since beginning his own spiritual search and his newness brought a lightness of being to our trip as we helped him to remember himself.

Speaking of our trio, according to Raeline the reason we were three was to help bring the old energy out of duality. I guess another way to look at that may be to bring the energetics of the holy trinity back into alignment. Oh yes, there is that wonderful word again ‘alignment’ and we all know that I am certainly need of some of that! Could I take the first portion directly into my right hip please???

And then came the energetics of practical matters; Keiran had provided our vehicle so Raeline and I agreed to share the fuel costs, we would all cover our own food and Raeline and Keiran would find suitable accommodation each night where I could roll out my trusty swag under the stars. I have to admit that one thing I do love is sleeping close to the earth especially when doing any high vibrational earth work as it helps keep me grounded. And what I have begun to observe is the more of this type of earthwork that I do, thus the more I need to extend myself out into the universe, the deeper I feel need to be my own heart and stronger my connection to the heart centre of our planet.

On day two we ended up taking an unexpected detour that landed us at the eastern most tip of the Bight, a perfect opportunity for a pee stop. I took a moment to tune in and was given a vision of a feminine cross while Raeline came back to the car with a story of being welcomed back to a space that she had not visited for a very long time. As the mystery and magic unfolded I wondered what it would have been like if we had been able to take a little more time to cross the southerly section of our world’s largest island and smallest continent as there were quite a few special spaces along the way that had to be filed under points of interest for next journey whenever that may be.

I made the most of our fuel and food stops to stretch and walk as although I was enjoying being the reclining Buddha on the back seat my body was getting a little restless by the end of our second day on the road. However, by the morning of day three tired bodies had been revived by excitement. Raeline had channelled a load of information relating to the site which we needed to prepare that afternoon and this included teaching us a whole lot of stuff that she had never taught before. And, as I have an insatiable appetite for learning new techniques and tools of the trade, I gathered myself together and making myself comfortable on the floor ensured I was absolutely present and open to receive.

Now the story was an interesting one as although it involved two aboriginal brothers the essence of it was very connected to the Egyptian mythological story of Isis, Osiris and his brother Seth, the light and the dark, duality and our underworld or unconscious mind. Raeline explained the situation as an Atlantean curse that had been placed on the land at the Head of the Bight to protect it during the period of darkness on planet earth that we have come to the end of. Prior to activating the birthing gate it was necessary for us to assist with removing the curse/protection mechanism and that is what we would do that afternoon. But first we had to do some journey work to visit a star in the Orion system where the records of every soul incarnate on earth are kept. We had to locate our own switch board so that we could quite literally turn the rest of ourselves on.

The other meditation Raeline guided us through was to connect us with each individual vibration of seven levels of our etheric body. We held hands for this one so that Raeline would be able to more easily sense when we had achieved each level. Another was to tune in with each other at the level of power, love and wisdom as in order to work together we first had to find harmony and balance within ourselves and between each other and what better place to do this work than right at the Head of the Bight itself. The sky was blue, the sun shining over head and there was a warm and gentle breeze blowing as the light danced off the tips of the southern ocean waves far beneath uswhere the Rainbow Serpent connected to the Whale Dreaming.

Housework complete it was time to find ourselves some lunch and a space at the Nullarbor (no trees) Roadhouse. Keiran negotiated a great deal on a family room and I succumbed to sharing a night indoors with my current family so that we could more easily dream together. And an afternoon siesta provided the perfect opportunity for just that! And I was even more pleased to learn that during her nap Raeline had been called to visit the nearby caves I had seen in my morning meditation.

10 kms due north of the Nullarbor Roadhouse there is a series of caves that have been utilised by the aboriginal people for eons and we spent the afternoon exploring two of the three that are accessible. Keiran was like a boy scout out on a new adventure, Raeline was busy chatting with the ancestors and I ended up being given a hip bone and two halves of a shell which I soon realised made a whole which of course was just what I needed so placed them together with a prayer in the most likely space for an altar. All in all it was a fun and interesting afternoon on and in the earth.

Morning dawned clear and bright but by the time we set off for the Head of the Bight we could see the clouds beginning to gather. We arrived at our preferred platform at 15 minutes before 11.00 am on 11.11.2010 and begun our work. Taking our places Raeline led us in ceremony and we chanted our Whale Prayer while she captured the second vibration that would, once all the work with the starry whale palaces be complete, be available to all as a quintessence.


And while we were doing our work at the Bight we were aware of at least 4 other individuals in Australia, a few in New Zealand, one in Bali and another group in the Netherlands who were connecting with us along with the many thousands who were honouring the earth in their own way during this opportune portal in time that connected with the 11.11 vibration. Blessed Be! Our earth is evolving and every other being who is walking this earth consciously or unconsciously is coming too! It is such an exciting time to be here on this planet of choice in a physical body  Yeah!!!

Here is a note from Mirte's ceremony in Netherlands;
11-11between 10.30 – 11.00 I did a ceremony with clients. The ‘purpose’ of the ceremony was to open the lemurian whale palaces (in support of what you had been doing). The crystal asked to be there (only two days with me at that moment). It was special. At a certain moment a lot of energy came into the room and only second(s) later something had been opened.. I don’t know what it was (consciously at least until now).

And as we wrapped things up, Horus flew out of what we understood to be the actual birthing gate, we were surrounded by dragon flies having not seen one the previous day and as we retreated to the car park we watched the black storm clouds roll in from the west. And sure enough they followed us all the way back to Melbourne bringing cleansing and rebirth to a parched land.

I joked that now all we needed were the oysters and champagne to celebrate and talk about “ask and you shall receive” Keiran found us a hotel at 8 pm that evening that had a room for three and a promise of both. Only once we had checked in the manager discovered much to his horror that he was not only out of Champagne but also oysters. Keiran our knight in shining armour dashed out into the darkness in search of champas while the manager brought us a thousand apologies and a bottle of NZ white wine. David and Rick a couple of visitors to town we ended up sharing a booth with looked on in bewilderment and asked if we were celebrities or something? To which Raeline yes, which of course only added to their confusion.

As it happened it turned out to be quite a synchronistic meeting that enabled us to share an enjoyable and interesting evening with two men who built houses out of rammed earth. Both were light beings only one was more aware than the other. And, as was pointed out to me the following morning, I should have been more aware of my energetic presence as the one that was not so aware had completely misinterpreted my energy which he responded to from his lower chakras. Not entirely oblivious to the situation what was brought to my attention was that I could not pretend it wasn’t there, a pattern of behaviour I realised I had practiced throughout my entire adult life when interacting with men who were attracted to me. Nor should I be accomplice to what Raeline referred to as sensual sex as either way I was misusing my own power by accepting that from another.

And so the morning teaching came with a warning of being conscious of our own energetic presence at all times especially when doing earthwork as it activates our kundalini energy and again it is our responsibility to manage this. This opened up a perfect opportunity to share experiences and answer as best we could many of Keiran’s questions he had regarding experiences or the changes within himself that he had encountered during the course of his journey to date.

And having discussed the serious stuff the air was cleared and the long haul home was made lighter with a few old hits from the 80’s including a childhood favourite that Keiran had just added to his collection “The sound track of Saturday Night Fever” which of course we all knew the words to and sung them out loud and clear!

Landing back in Melbourne we ended up unpacking all my stuff at the wrong address before I even realised it wasn’t Jane and Allardes’s house. I burst out laughing apologised profusely to the lady whose house it was, who looked as though she was about to invite us in for tea anyway, and made our way a couple blocks down to the correct address. I could feel I had gone through another major shift but it wasn’t until that happened that I realised the degree of my disorientation. I needed to go home to New Zealand and be very still on the earth for a while!

With a 12 hour stopover in Melbourne which was just long enough for me to unpack, repack and catch a few hours sleep before Jane delivered me to International departures for a delayed Emirates flight to New Zealand. Although I hadn’t travelled great distances geographically this year with all the experiences I had enjoyed I felt as though it had been away for eons which made it even more exciting to know that I was coming home again . . . back to New Zealand and deeper into who I AM!

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