Thursday, November 25, 2010

On the Road in the Land of OZ

To go with the flow I was experiencing meant I was only able to spend a couple of nights with my little sister and her family in Brisbane before I was on the road again. Exactly the sort of visit family have no hesitation in pointing out, is more like a transit stop than a visit! I felt as though I was living in a different world than my sis and her family yet at the same time knew it was my responsibility to bridge that gap. I was exhausted, I did not feel that I had the time to take my sis on the 2 1/2 year journey that has brought me into my reality = my current understanding of life and the universe, and felt no desire or reason to make any excuses. I had simply not lived up to expectations and therefore felt all I could do was offer my apologies and promise that next visit I will make the time to ‘do’ less and ‘be’ more, to share some special sister time with Nique and play time with Taleah and Ryan my niece and nephew.

On a brighter note we did part on better terms having shared the morning together which included a visit to Nique’s favourite spiritual shop before she dropped me at Apollo Rentals. Here among the chaos of Melbourne Cup Day I collected my chariot, a white Toyota Camray, that was to carry me from Brisbane down the east coast and across the south side of the country to Melbourne. We pulled out of the depot together and played tag along the Gateway highway until Nique took her exit to Wellington Point at which moment I burst into tears and, as one does in times of crisis, I took a moment to question my chosen path . . . reminding myself the importance of taking responsibility for my choices and responsibility to find a balance in my life while remembering to take rest along the way do as not to exhaust myself like I have!

My first stop was Grail Haven on Tambourine Mountain, a destination that had been on my map since my last communication with Annie B before I departed New Zealand in early June. I had emailed Gerry and Richard the water keepers of Grail Haven in hope that they might be home and I could stop by for a visit. Although I had not received a response I figured I would call in anyway and just knock on their door only no one was home except their beautiful dog. It was lunchtime so I figured that their garden would be the perfect spot to have my salad while I waited for them to return, only no one came. As I was not sure of the purpose of my visit I thought best to check with upstairs and in so doing ended up bringing down a load more high vibrational energy which must have been especially ear marked for Grail Haven.

Grail Haven Gardens & Well

Next stop was Crystal Inspirations, the crystal shop at Eagle Heights. Shamanatara, who I had hoped would join my journey to Tambourine mountain, had been unable to come but had suggested I stop by and say hello to her friend Annie who practices Transference Healing from Crystal Inspirations. Transference Healing, as channelled by Alexis Cartwright, is “A seventh dimensional frequency healing and ascension process that is multi-dimensional, works with the light body, creates alchemy and is achieving profound results!”

Annie was busy with a client so her friend suggested that I take a seat and draw one of the Animal Magic; Earth, Mythical & Elemental Ascension Cards which I duly did and out came Spider – Lightworker . . . always good to have a little reassurance that I am still on track. I then closed my eyes figuring a moment of meditation might not go astray to recharge my batteries in preparation for my drive to Byron only as soon as I was still down came another waterfall of light energy for Crystal Inspirations. Only this time I was not surprised as I had remembered what it was like dancing our way along the whale trail that took us through the Waipoua Forest and down the east coast of Northland downloading light energy in Far North New Zealand earlier in the year.

Driving south it was interesting to see the Gold Coast in daylight . . . lots of colour and chaos with all of the casinos, theme parks and shopping centres stretched down the coastline. It made me very grateful that I had a space to land back at Dolphins Downunder in Byron that evening. Wollumbin (Mt Warning) did suggest that I should consider a detour but this time I chose to say no, not now, he will have to wait until next trip. A little self preservation was called for and I could still make it to Byron in time for the sound healing session at the Lotus Temple and be home before dark with plenty of time for a swim, a session with the vibe and a hot tub before climbing into my magical space in the corner of the garden for a good night’s sleep.

Next day was a long 9 hr drive down to Sydney which surprisingly, I quite enjoyed. It provided me ample opportunity to reflect on the past year and feel out the year to come. Although I was 2/3rds of the way through a very busy 6 week period I knew that after the site activation at the Head of the Bight and the Gathering of the Grandmothers in Pacifica in Auckland, I didn’t feel any urgency to be anywhere in particular. Thus inspired by Zakairan to facilitate a spiritual journey I amused myself designing an itinerary for ‘Infinite New Zealand’ a two week sacred journey through the central and far north of the North Island. A path that had emerged from my last journey home and one that I would love to share with other like minded souls while employing the services of the local Kaitiaki (guardians) at each of the main sites.

Nearing the outskirts of Sydney my mobile rang and on answering I was surprised and delighted to hear the voice of Dr Anthony Hall-Martin, one of Africa’s leading conservationists who, as an executive member of African Parks Network, so happened to be my last boss. Anthony had recently been on his own journey with cancer, a journey which I was happy to hear he had come to the other side of receiving a clear bill of health, his cancer was in remission and he was back at work on light duties. His call inspired me to make a conscious effort to return to Africa in the near future even if only to share a glass of wine with a very special man in my world while looking up Credo Mutwa.

Driving into Sydney on dusk with map and steering wheel in one hand and Google directions in the other I thought I was doing really well until I missed my tunnel into the city and was taken on a half hour detour out to the north west. Lost no, temporarily misplaced, indeed yes! My diversion had made me a little late for my date with Kevin, the soul responsible for an Atlantean experiment where I had been sliced and spliced with another creature and had a crystal implanted into the base of my skull, a 13,000 year old operation that was affecting my current physical alignment. Kevin had also been through his shamanic training with the Fourwinds and through an introduction from Toby we had got in touch with each other at the beginning of this year.

Kevin, as the gentleman he is, was at the door to meet me with a big smile and warm welcoming hug, he showed me where the bathroom and the sofa were then left me to my own devices while he popped out for supper with a friend that was over visiting from the US. I unpacked what I needed, fed myself and filled a bath with Epsom salt and Lavender oil and submerged my weary body until my host came home. Unfortunately my brain was too tired to talk so I suggested that we reserve conversation until the morning when there would be more chance of me retaining information and when, if Kevin was feeling up to it, I could have an appointment with he and his crystal to see if he could help me with resurrecting my alignment.

By the time we had spent a couple hours sharing stories, experiences and tales of adventures in foreign lands it felt as though I had reconnected with an old friend. We turned the lounge into a healing space and Kevin set to work in his bathrobe. I am a strong supporter that for miracles to happen we have to believe in them and, after almost a year doing my best to clear/release/heal this particular alignment issue through energetic and physical body, I am certainly ready for miracle! Perhaps there is something that I am not yet understanding though as the miracle I was hoping for didn’t happen. However what I was to learn the following week was that I got exactly what I needed! Kevin had delivered to me codes/information from Mt Shasta, codes that he had collected from a visit to the US earlier in the year.

I guess it brings understanding to the saying that goes something along the lines of “If Mohammed can’t come to the mountain then the mountain may come to Mohammed”. Israel had told me over a year ago that I really needed to visit Shasta, a journey that I did not have time for on my last trip to the US however after learning what I have in the time in between I know that I will put it on my map for the next journey, one that I feel I may take in 2011 . . .

On the road again and after a quick calculation I realised that I had both enough time and sufficient km’s left on my allowance to travel to Melbourne via Canberra which provided me an opportunity to visit Lance and Kay, Ian’s (my previous partner) sister and family who I had not seen for about 4 years. It was such a pleasure driving into Canberra after the chaos of the city of Sydney, from one of Australia’s oldest cities into one of its newest. Once more it was the greenest I had ever seen ACT and there were wildflowers everywhere, the landscape was lavender and the land felt as though a long thirst had finally been quenched.

Canberra in Colour

Getting out of Canberra should have been a very simple task but somehow I managed to take myself on a detour that landed me right in the centre of the city where I had to circumambulate Capitol Hill before I was able to leave on the correct highway. Not what I needed as had not allowed time or kms for the excursion however it did make me curious as to the energetics of the diversion if everything really does happen for a reason??? Perhaps there was something in the centre of Australia’s capital city that needed a little light???

It was the last day of my road trip and although I had enjoyed my introduction to a land that until now ,I had really only flown around, I was tired and very much looking forward to getting out of my chariot and walking on the earth for a while. In fact I was so tired that there was absolutely no emotional response when I saw flashing lights in my revision mirror as I was pulled over for speeding. And when the officer came to my window to tell me that he had clocked me doing 125 km (in a 110 km limit) all I could say was Ohhhh . . . sorry sir . . . now when asked for my driver’s licence I was blessed with a little voice in my head that said, UK licence in front pocket of black bag in car boot! My response to the policeman; ...“yes officer, it is in the boot”. And as he unfolded what I can only imagine might be the prospect of ‘too much paperwork’ he asked me where I was from and said he would let me off with a warning this time. My impulse was to give him a big hug, but I managed to limit myself to a heart filled thanks and many many thank-yous to the little speed angels that had shown up for the occasion!

I made it into the Apollo depot in Melbourne with 15 mins to spare which provided just enough time to backtrack to the fuel station to fill the petrol tank which I had forgotten to do. Fortunately Shultz, the Maori man behind the desk, had a sense of humour when I unloaded my home; swag, bag, office, and kitchen cupboard onto the forecourt of his depot while I waited for Allardes to come and collect me. I had known Allardes and Jane since my overlanding days and was delighted that I had some old friends to share a weekend with before the last leg of my Ozzie Earthwalk for 2010.

Jane was working so my first evening was spent catching up with Allardes, now a fully fledged helicopter pilot who had just that day coordinated the logistics for a film shoot with 9 helicopters flying in and out of Melbourne’s MCG. More at home in the air than on the ground, I teased him that he was probably a spacecraft pilot in a previous life, such a gift when an old friend has an open enough mind to appreciate my newly developing sense of humour . . . or could it be the truth disguised in a joke???

And just as well I had that evening with Allardes as so long as the weather stayed fine, which it did, he was booked to fly all weekend. This left Jane and I to enjoy some serious girl time together which was perfect to share some of the experiences we had each encountered along the path of our respective spiritual journeys. It was also interesting to learn more about the Earth from Above Exhibition that Jane took around Australia while leaving time and space for an energy session with Jane and a trip into town to the hairdressers. While Jane had her haircut I explored the city where I had taken my first journey to outside of New Zealand 24 yrs ago . . . An interesting coincidence that I found myself in the exact same block as the hotel I had stayed in way back then.

Melbourne City

Shopping for supper I could not believe it when we bumped into Shultz, I only knew I handful of people in Melbourne and wondered what the chances were of crossing paths with someone I had just met on the opposite side of the city to where he lived . . . how bizarre! I think Shultz was quite shocked while I just smiled in wonder of what the syncronicity of our second meeting was all about. Could it have simply been my opportunity to follow up on a fuel credit that had not come through into my account or was it for some other reason??? Either way the encounter certainly served me well.

Sunday dawned clear and bright and my need to walk on the earth was fulfilled with Jane’s suggestion that we take a drive out of the city to a climb a mountain. On arrival we decided to do the base route but somewhere along the path we both missed a very clear signpost and ended up on the top instead. There was however no disappointment as from this detour we could enjoy a bird’s eye view of an Eagle geoglyph that had been created by Andrew Rogers as part of the Rhythm of Life Series for the Melbourne Commonwealth Games Festival in 2006.

My weary body had enjoyed a weekend of rest and I figured that I was as ready as I would ever be for my next adventure with Raeline and her cousin Keiran a jopurney that would take us half-way across the continent to the Head of the Great Australian Bight in order to activate the second and Southern Birthing Gate of the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria!

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