Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Barefoot in Byron Bay

Just before departure for Killen Falls I was given the awareness of what my work here was about . . . Suffolk Park, where I had been staying at Dolphins Downunder, was also known as the place of suffering and Killen Falls, the place of killing . . . I guess I had been called here to help clear the land. This was confirmed on arrival at Killen Falls when Zakairan and I emerged the car and directly above us was the most incredible rainbow cloud of an angel.

We proceeded to share a very special few hours swimming and sunning ourselves, something that made me realise I had not been making enough time for along my way. While Zakairan www.zakairan.com imparted his story and understanding of our relationship with the various star systems I was able to add a few more pieces to my puzzle. Then, after a short meditation on a rock beneath the waterfall, the clouds came with a cleansing rain, our work was done and it was time for us to move on . . .

The energy at the T-Tree Lakes was not so appealing, it was dark and heavy. Zakairan suggested a sense of sex without love and I had to agree thus it was of little surprise that it had become a local beat for the homosexual community. Not my destination of choice however to spend an hour clearing the land around the masculine lake was not a big problem. Perhaps this also helped to explain why I later felt called to the women’s sacred site at the feminine T-Tree Lake back at Suffolk Park. Later that evening Shamanatara and I took a long walk along the beach and an evening swim in the lake where we watched as thunder rolled across the mountains and lightening lit the sky bringing cleansing to land and healing to the ancestors.

Monday afternoon I had an energy healing for massage exchange booked with Jason jasonforbodywork@internode.on.net It was my first ever experience of Kahuna Massage and as it turned out it was an experience that would be very difficult to beat. My favourite part was when I was lying on my back and Jason was working from beneath against my own body weight the full length of my upper body. . . YUM! . . . can bodywork get any better than this??? In return I held space for Jason to visit with his ancestors, one of the most important and liberating pieces of self healing work we are able to undertake.

As promised Guy came to pick me up on Tuesday afternoon to introduce me to the Rainbow Temple www.rainbowtemple.us and as we drove into the hills behind Byron he shared the story of his life to date, the evolution of the Rainbow Temple and his dream for its future . . . An amazing space in Northern NSW that felt as though it could easily have been in a different country all together as the energy reminded me more of tropical Thailand than the Land of Oz! Over the past 20 yrs people have come and gone and more often than not continue to return to the Rainbow Temple staying for as little as a night or as long as needed. To fund the temple visitors are asked to contribute $20.00 per night and share with the daily chores of house, garden and maintenance.

I enjoyed the full guided tour that concluded in the tunnel system beneath the temple where Guy is busy excavating underground sound chambers and healing rooms. The acoustics are incredible and I could not think of a more suitable venue for a Shamanic Workshop if I had to find one myself. We shared a huge pot of Lemon myrtle tea fresh from the garden and then Guy asked me to check on Rosie, one of his visitors who had earlier that morning gone over on her ankle. A quick illumination/healing session to clear the energetics accompanied by a little vibrational therapy from Shamanatara’s Scenar machine left Rosie resting comfortably. And there was still time for a last cup of tea before I caught a lift with Greg, one of the Rainbow Temple’s American visitors back into Byron Bay to the Lotus Temple for the Tuesday evening sound healing session.

Wtih Guy just before departure form the Rainbow Temple
Only my lift ended up taking an unexpected detour through Mullumbimby, near a mountain that had been calling me since my arrival in Byron . . . Thankfully my late landing at the Lotus Temple did not interrupt the proceedings and I silently slipped into a spare space on the floor. As I relaxed and allowed my body to be bathed in sound I began to float in the finer vibrational energies of love & light that had been cultivated from regular gatherings of like minded souls dedicated to not only their own healing journey but also that of all beings and our earth. A little extra sound and light from Zakairan and the other healers certainly was appreciated by this tired little Lightworker and left me feeling very much at peace.

With Zaikairan at the Lotus Temple which I can highly recommend as another more central Byron Bay workshop venue and definitely one that is not to be missed if you happen to be in the neighbourhood for their free sound healing circle on a Tuesday evening . . . www.thedivineuniversity.com/the-lotus-temple

On Wednesday afternoon I caught a lift into town with Chinta who was on his way to lead one of his drumming workshops. The plan was to share an exchange with Egbert only after Egbert had finished with me I felt as though I had been through a wringer. It must have been just what I needed as I felt completely relaxed and all I wanted to do was curl up in the sun like a cat and take my afternoon nap. It also left me in a space where I was not as fit as I might have liked to return the favour of holding space for him and as divine intervention prevailed Egbert ended up with an afternoon visitor which provided me the space required to slip quietly out and allowing time for the emotion that had been activated during my session to be released. I walked through town, hitched a lift back to Suffolk Park and then disappeared down the beach to wash away my tears in the ocean waves . . .

My two weeks in Byron were all but over . . . I had certainly enjoyed my explorations and appreciate all of those who took the time to fulfil their promises of introducing me to Byron. Not to mention the time shared with Arpana, Shamanatara, Chinta, Hayden (Shamanatara’s son), Raj (Arpana’s son) and everyone else who passed through Dolphins Downunder during my two weeks. I have only just left yet am already looking forward to my next visit 

And before I knew it Thursday had arrived and it was time to prepare food and pack equipment for our weekend foray to the Island Vibe Festival on North Stradbroke Island where Bunna Lawrie and the Whale Dreamers were scheduled to perform at the Yurt on Saturday evening!

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