Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Island Vibe Festival, Stradbroke Island

Departure was scheduled for 0930 hrs and everything came together at the last minute just as it does. Shamanatara and I packed provisions and camping equipment while Harry and Arpana loaded ‘Orby’ Arpana’s faithful Landcruiser troopy bearing the slogan 'Fire the Grid with Love', for our journey north to Stradbroke Island. Having never attended a festival before, I was rather excited about the prospect of sharing a weekend with my rainbow family and friends at Island Vibe. I was also curious to see if any of the guidance I had received relating to my Earthwalk Project during our crystal skull ceremony in Cairns might become visible, i.e. was there someone waiting to meet me on Stradbroke Island? Could the journey I thought was going to take me anti-clockwise around the continent actually end up taking me clockwise???

Meanwhile I had no desire to be anywhere else but present, the sun was shining, the water was warm and Harry, Raj and I found a patch of soft grass to roll out our swags under the stars where we could listen to the ocean and easily take shelter should it decide to rain. It was a space which unbeknown at the time also provided us with a front row lounge for Friday night’s campsite concert. I must have been asleep for a couple of hours before being woken by the sound of a Djembe (African drum) accompanied by a Didgeridoo and the best part was not only could I hear the music but I could also feel the vibration coursing through my body as I lay on the earth. And as our neighbourly band played on into the night I tuned in even deeper and in doing so not only could I feel the drum and the didge but also the vibration from the Earth responding to the music . . . WOW what a delight, it did not matter that I could not sleep as I didn’t really want to, it was far too much fun just drifting in dreamtime somewhere between the earth and the stars with the music playing through me!

Without even realising it we had gently slipped into the rhythm of ‘no time’ . . . up at dawn the boys headed to the surf and I found a quiet space for my morning stretch. As people began to surface the beach seemed to be the destination of choice for walking, yoga, meditation, swimming or simply breakfast and sunbathing, clothes were optional and most chose the ‘less is best’ option . . . we explored the island, ate when we were hungry and rested when we weren’t. I was surprised how many people I had connected with over the course of the past few weeks since picking up my Australian Whale Trail in Hervey Bay. It brought to mind something Deb, who I had met earlier in the year in Cairns, had said to me. Her gauge to how successful each year had been was directly related to the number of people she had met and new friends she had made. I felt it was a good guideline to follow and one that mades me feel as though I have enjoyed yet another yet of absolute abundance!

Harry, Raj, Hopi (Chinta’s son) and I took a walk along the cliffs further south of the festival and I had to laugh at myself when I rushed to the end of one of the points thinking I had heard a whale blow only to discover the point was called whale rock and the blowhole was a result of the waves bursting through an isolated vent in the earth. It was an easy mistake and one that provided much humour along with spectacular ocean views. And on that note we scaled down the cliff to go body surfing on the waves that were washing through the crevasse beneath us.

On our return we enjoyed a little quiet time in camp during which I was treated to a Bowen therapy ‘a la Dr Didge style’ session from Harry. This of course was under supervision of the good Dr himself who showed little mercy encouraging Harry to go deeper in my right hip/pelvic area where I have been having constant irritation for almost a year now. Not the most relaxing experience as Harry methodically flicked every tendon, ligament and muscle in my body to reset the memory on a cellular level however it certainly had an effect as I had no desire to move anywhere once he was complete, and I didn’t. Lying there soaking up the sun and scenery as the afternoon warmed and people began to dress up for their evening pilgrimage to the festival grounds was all the entertainment I could have asked for. The effort that some people went to in dressing for the occasion was really quite incredible and certainly added to the energy of the occasion.

I took a walk with the boys to share a late lunch returning in time for the Whaledreamers rehearsal. Shelley had shown up, Bunna was back from his wanderings and the girls and boys were having a very relaxed warm-up in camp. They sounded good and for a moment it felt as though we were back on Hervey Bay, making music and drinking tea in the late afternoon . . . Life is Beautiful! I also made a suggestion that they might like to consider screening slides taken on the whale journey as they were playing which I feel could only enhance their performance and the power of the message. It was perhaps a little late for this gig but in good time for the next one.

There was a little chaos as everyone got showered, dressed and painted up for the performance however as we know out of chaos comes order and the ‘fusion’ band seemed to get it together in time for the night! The girls were looking lovely and with Shelley’s vocals and Shamanatara’s whale sounds backing Bunna’s lyrics they did a fantastic job of sharing the message of the whales with a very enthusiastic audience. Unfortunately the mic for the didgeridoo’s died early however it did not seem to affect the ever growing crowd that gathered on the dance floor to celebrate the cetacean nation and their important role as wisdom keepers and earthkeepers on our planet!

Once the show was over we packed the boys off home and Shamanatara and I moved on into the big top where an American Reggae Band was playing a few of Bob Marley’s classics for which we needed little excuse to carry sing and dance our way on into the night. Our evening seemed to be drawing to a close way too soon so we settled for a cup of organic red wine accompanied by dark chocolate and an entertaining conversation with Dr Didge and the Professor back at camp . . . and what more could two girls want from an evening at Island Vibe???

Sunday morning was even more relaxed and Harry and Hopi took me over to meet the rest of Hopi’s family; Ika, his older brother and Malaika, their Mum who is clearly another star sister. It was good to put faces to names of two very gifted individuals I had heard so much about since Hervey Bay. Everyone had lots of suggestions of things to do and places we could go in order to explore a little more of the Island however for some reason as much as it seemed like a good idea it didn’t feel like it was where I was meant to be. I was actually feeling called to return to the festival grounds . . . anyway by the time we had cleaned up and packed up there really wasn’t enough time left to relax and enjoy the journey to the lake with the others so Harry and I thought we would go and explore some nearby caves. As it happened caves, sound and song had been the theme of my morning meditation . . .

I asked Harry if he would mind stopping by the entrance to the festival so that I could run in and purchase a flute before we went as I figured it was time I learnt to play and instrument and I needed something portable. However when I arrived at the gate I met Debra with her arms full of flowers for Ivy’s Healing space, and when I offered to assist I realised that that was exactly where I was meant to be. I ran back to Harry apologised and said I had to be where I was and could not come which he was fine about and then returned to the woman’s weaving circle to help. The goddess Debra was wandering around as she does weaving her web of light. Shelly came up to share an amazing story of her morning swim in the ocean where a girl had offered her a set of goggles to dive down and when she declined had dived down for her returning with a whale bone for her as a gift. It was beautiful to witness Shelley who was still in shock and awe of receiving the most beautiful gift from the ocean as she looked about for one of Stradbroke’s elders to bless it.

Next moment I was introduced to another woman with the most extraordinary eyes that were encircled by little stars, for a moment we had nothing to say as we recognised each other in another level. Then as if we had no time to lose we sat down and briefly shared our stories only as soon as I mentioned the Earthwalk Project she said they were waiting for me . . . so of course I asked who was waiting? She simply replied that they were waiting for me at the women’s sacred site on Adder Rock about 10 mins walk down the beach. I asked if she could show me and was told no, that I must go alone and I must hurry. My directions were given and as we were due to leave for the ferry in just over an hour I figured I best be on my way . . . the most important thing would be to show up and no doubt with time I would learn what it was all about.

Arriving at Adder Rock, I first needed a pee so that I could sit comfortably and as soon as I was done out of the trees came another woman who was looking for a quiet space to have a smoke. She had grown up on Stradbroke so we chatted for a bit about the history of the Island and where her life had taken her and then I figured I may as well find a space and in tune to see if I could get any idea of what the excitement was all about. And just as I did my crown chakra opened up like a lotus flower and down came masses of high vibrational energy I can only compare to what I had experienced working with Erana at Mitimiti earlier in the year, in the far north of New Zealand. Down it came, out it went and in it came again only this time as I finished I burst into song that left me dancing in the stars for hours.

I managed to make it back to camp just in time for the final pack but was really not much use for any practical task as although part of me was present in my physical body the rest was stretched to the limit of my multidimensional reality and I had not yet managed to connect with the other end me, if there was an end. Shamanatara recognised my situation immediately and did her best to help ground me with food before I slipped across to join the conversation with our colourful neighbours who came from France, Germany, Belgium, Australia and Botswana . . . nothing like sprinkling a little last minute stardust before departure.

On the drive to the ferry for our journey back to the mainland I asked Bunna again if he would be interested in sharing the Mirning story of Creation for YouTube but he was too tired so I figured it will happen when it is meant to. He looked like he needed some time to himself and I know I certainly did in order to reassemble myself into my new reality. Actually what I really wanted and felt I needed was some good bodywork and a quiet space to be very still for a week. However the universe had other plans for dispersing the energy that had just been brought down . . . I had already decided to join Raeline to activate the second and Southern Birthing Gate of the Starry Whale Palaces of Lemuria at the Head of the Great Australian Bight on 11.11 and it seemed that my means of transport would be relocating a rental car from Brisbane to Melbourne to join her.

This particular relocation had been sitting there for some time which surprised me as it included all fuel costs and 4 days to drive the 1950 kms so I figured it all must be for a reason as it would enable me to visit Tambourine Mountain, Byron and Sydney on my way. I realised that the opportunity would provide a ways and means to distribute the energy that had just been transmitted and although it would take my time the journey would otherwise not cost me anything.

IN addition I had been notified by email a few days previously that if I didn’t use my Emirates frequent flyer points I would lose them so figured that would provide me with a lift from Melbourne back across the Tasman to New Zealand where I would be able to find a space in which to rest and recharge. Once more if I flew back straight away once my work with Raeline was done it would enable me to the Gathering of the Grandmothers of Pacifica!

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